Server Management: Actions

DescriptionThe Action panel is displayed at the bottom of the page under server management tab "Details" in the Customer Portal. The following information will describe all actions you can find in this panel.

Actions available in the Action panel

The following actions can be found in the Action panel throughout the management tabs in the Customer Portal. Additional information and troubleshooting about these actions can be found on the following pages:

When you are on the management page of a server and use the create ticket action, the new ticket will be linked to that specific server. From the Customer Portal Dashboard you can create tickets with a wider spread of topics. Besides creating a ticket there are multiple ways to contact support

 Requesting hardware modifications.

Servers can be backed up using the LeaseWeb backup solution. Pressing this link will inform you about the backup product. More information about configuring the backup can be found on Acronis Backup and Ordering LeaseWeb Backup service

As LeaseWeb regarding the Dedicated and Bare Metal servers we deliver IaaS. Through the actions panel you are able to perform (re)installations on those servers in different ways. Please see Reinstalling your server article to troubleshoot any issue.

You can reboot your server in rescue mode if your operating system fails to boot. You can then try to resolve the issue (like reset Windows admin password, Linux root password or change firewall rules) or back-up your data before initiating a re-installation. Please see the rescue mode pages to help troubleshooting.

Creates a DHCP lease for your server using a custom iPXE boot file. See also Installing servers using your own PXE boot environment

Power cycle will immediately disconnect power from the server and power up the server again. Use power cycle only when you have no access to the server, to perform a cold reboot.

You can stop all incoming and outgoing connections to an IP address by null routing it. This action displays the history of null-routing actions performed on your server's IP.

Usage notifications are a way to prevent (or limit) sur charges caused by exceeded use of bandwidth.You can set up notifications for bandwidth and data traffic usage. When this threshold is reached, you will receive notifications by email.

Here you can view the IPs that are assigned to your serverhosting pack. You can also change the reverse lookup for an IP.

The Data traffic action links to the Server Management: Graphs page