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Wiping and cleaning Hard Disk Drive

Wiping and cleaning Hard Disk Drive


Leaseweb performs an extensive testing and wiping procedure before any hard disk is either reused or disposed. This guarantees two things: Any reused hard disk that is used at Leaseweb is sanitized and safe, and any hard disk that leaves the Leaseweb data centers do not have any data on it. Leaseweb’s policy regarding sanitizing and data removal is in line with the EU Data Protection Regulations.


Why Leaseweb uses an extensive wiping procedure

Leaseweb values the security of customer data and the proper use of devices in the data centers.

Hard disks that are returned as failed are degaussed instantly. This guarantees that there is no data left when the disks are recycled or destroyed.

Leaseweb has extensive testing procedures in place to ensure that before any hard disk is made available for reuse, the disk is wiped off any data, and the health status is checked.  

The hard disk wiping procedure at Leaseweb

The first process in the wiping procedure of disks is the health check where the disks must pass the S.M.A.R.T status (the hard disk must work within parameters designed by the manufacturer). Any disk that is damaged is sent for degaussing.

The disks that pass the health check are then wiped clean of data. The wiper overwrites the hard disks with zeros. The Leaseweb wiping procedure guarantees that the hard disks are completely wiped off all data. The Leaseweb test procedures guarantee that every hard disk that is made available for reuse has no reallocated sectors, no errors, and has passed the S.M.A.R.T status. 

After the disks are wiped, they are tested again, and then sent to data centers for use.


Assurance about the wiping procedure

Leaseweb formulated this extensive wiping procedure by consulting storage experts and sending sample hard disks to data recovery labs. The wiping process deployed by Leaseweb’s qualified engineers guarantees that the sanitized hard disks provide outstanding performance and are reliable for reuse.