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Managing Colocation notifications

Managing Colocation notifications


You can keep track of your data usage by setting notifications for your bandwidth and data traffic.65110036


Notification Settings

On this page, you can manage bandwidth and data traffic usage notifications for your server.

A notification is an email that is sent to the technical contact email address(es) of your account, when the specified threshold is reached or exceeded by the actual usage.

The usage is calculated daily between 03:00 and 06:00 UTC and is reset on the first day of every month.

Example notification

Sent: maandag 17 september 2020 06:02
To: Redacted
Subject: Threshold for your Dedicated Server HSDW042 / 2099735 has been reached

Dear Example Customer,

We would like to notify you that traffic consumption on your Dedicated Server HSDW042 / 2099735 has reached or exceeded the threshold of 12 MB you have set up.
Your current usage is 788.369 MB.

Your Dedicated Server details are:

Dedicated Server reference: HSDW042
Customer Reference: Dell R230 / E3-1270v5 / 8GB / 4x1TB
Internal Reference: HSDW042
Main IP:

This measurement was done on 03:49 Fri 07/09/2020 Etc/UTC.

If you would like to modify notification settings, please go to Leaseweb Customer Portal:

Kindly note that the above measurement is reset on monthly basis.


Adding a notification

To add a notification setting, under Usage, click Notifications.

Click Add Notification. The Create Notification Setting dialog appears.



Can be Data Traffic or Bandwidth.

Data Traffic is the total amount used in the current month

Bandwidth is the 95th percentile of the current month’s usage.


Can be Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.

The frequency determines how often the notification email is repeated, once the threshold has been reached


The threshold value required to trigger the notification, needs to be a whole number.

The unit can be in MB, GB or TB for Data Traffic or in Mbps or Gbps for Bandwidth.

Once all the fields have been entered, click Save to add the new notification.

Multiple notifications can be added for a server. For example, if you add a Monthly Data Traffic notification at 80TB and then add another at 90TB, you will receive a notification email when the first threshold is reached, and then another notification email when the second threshold is reached, no further notifications will be sent that month.

Updating a notification

To update a notification, click the Edit link. Updating an existing notification setting works the same way as creating a new one.

Removing a notification

To remove a notification, click the Remove link, you will be asked to confirm that you want to remove the notification.