Power Cycle your Dedicated Server

Description This page describes how to perform a Power Cycle on your Dedicated Server through the Action panel in the Customer Portal.


Perform a power cycle

Power cycle will immediately disable and re-enable the power port to power cycle the server. Use power cycle only when you have no access to the server to perform a soft reboot. 

Leaseweb cannot be held accountable for any data loss during a server power cycle.  A power cycle does not shut down applications gracefully and could result in data loss.


In case power port control is unavailable, such as with Supermicro MicroCloud based servers, IPMI will be used to perform a system power off / power on cycle.

Perform the following steps to power cycle a Dedicated/Bare Metal server:

  1. In the Dedicated Server Overview page, or in the Action menu at the top of the server overview page, select Power Operations → Power Cycle

    The Power Cycle Dedicated Server dialog box displays:

    If you choose to schedule a Hardware Scan job, it will be performed immediately after the power cycle, the progress is visible at the ActivitiesJobs page. This takes only a couple of minutes. Afterwards, the server will attempt to boot normally into the main OS.
    After the Hardware Scan, the information in the Hardware Details page will be updated.

  2. Click OK to power cycle.
    The page will reload, showing a confirmation pop-up box that the server was hard rebooted and displays an estimated time required for the server to be up again.

FAQ about Power cycle your server

"I'm trying to reboot our box but it looks like it's not booting at all. We tried to use rescue mode (lswrescue) then restart but main box is not starting as there nothing in the kern.log"

"I just ran a hardware scan during Power Cycle, where can the resulting file be found?"

On the Server Detail page, the Hardware Scan information can be found under Details -> Hardware Details.

"The facility to reboot my server has gone, how do I do it now?"

The option to reboot / power cycle your server should not disappear. If this happens please contact support.

"How do I request Leaseweb to reboot our servers for us?"

Manual reboots / power cycles performed by Leaseweb can be requested by contacting support. Please note that the request may take up to 24h to be performed, depending on our Service Level Agreement (SLA). Power cycles performed through the Customer Portal happen almost instantly.

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