Managing Dedicated Server jobs

Certain types of actions (called jobs) launched on your Dedicated Server are run asynchronously in the background. A job consists of multiple tasks which are run consecutively.
For example, the install job needs to setup partitioning, configure networking, set the root password.

In the Leaseweb Customer Portal, when you select Dedicated Server on the left panel, it displays a list of all your existing servers. Select the Manage button for the server for which you want to access the jobs.

You can access the list of your dedicated server jobs by clicking the Activities drop-down list, and selecting Jobs from the options.

In the list you will see all the jobs that were launched on your server.

The list displays the following job information:

  • The time the job was launched.
  • The status of the job: ACTIVE, FINISHED, FAILED, CANCELED or EXPIRED.
  • The type of the job (for example rescueMode, install) with some extra useful information like the OS installed.
  • The progress for the ACTIVE job if any.
    The bar does not automatically update so you need to refresh the page to see the latest value.

A couple of job actions are available via some buttons on the right:

  • The cancel action, only available to the active job.
  • The retry action, only available for a limited period of time after the initial launch.

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