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Setting AutoResponder using Out of Office plugin for Emails

Setting AutoResponder using Out of Office plugin for Emails

Under Leaseweb webmail (roundcube), there is a new tab in settings called Out of Office.


We are going to retire the old plugin soon, so please start using this sooner. 

Note: There will be no change for this under the Leaseweb Customer portal

To set it up, Login to webmail and follow the steps below to setup your vacation / out-of-office notice.

  1. Click Settings from the left menu in Elastic theme or in the top right corner in Larry.
  2. Click Out of Office in the Settings panel.
  3. Enter a subject and message (body) that the sender will receive. Optionally, you can set a start and end date. Leave Status as On.
  4. Save the Sieve vacation rules. The rule is immediately applicable to all incoming mail for this user.
  5. You can optionally set interval days, add redirect to another email, or send a copy.
    1. Reply sender address: This is an email address that will be used as sender of the vacation reply.
    2. My email addresses : Normally the vacation response is sent if recipient address of the incoming message is one of your addresses known to the server. Here you can add more addresses.
    3. Reply interval: This parameter defines how often the reply to the same sender is generated. When you receive a lot of messages from the same sender in short time, usually you don’t want to reply to all of them. By default reply is send once a day.
    4. Incoming message action: This field defines an action taken on the incoming message. You can discard or keep it or redirect/copy to another account (so it can be handled by another person).
  6. Below is a screenshot of how this should look like.