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Configuring Email Filters

Configuring Email Filters

We recently introduced Spam filtering which puts a potentially spam email into Junk folder. If you do not wish to use this functionality, you can turn off Anti-Spam from customer portal, move all your Junk to Inbox, and Delete Junk Folder. This way all the emails will go to Inbox by disabling Junk.

This guide take you through setting up custom filters to automatically move emails into separate folders. For Spam/Junk emails, you just mark an email as Junk (or SPAM depending on your client), and it will be treated accordingly by our filters from next email.

Setting up Email filters in Leaseweb Webmail (Roundcube)

Login to webmail and follow the steps below to setup your new filter.

  1. Click Settings from the left menu in Elastic theme or in the top right corner in Larry.
  2. Click Filters in the Settings panel.
  3. Click at the “+” (plus sign) in the Filters column to add a new filter. Or click an existing filter to edit.
  4. Enter a name for the filter according to your convenience (e.g. “Move all emails from SenderA”).
  5. You can add multiple conditions by clicking “+” button under the Rules section, and then set the rule accordingly. Option all of the following rules matches all of the rules (arithmetic AND operation) and match any of the following rules matches any one of the available rules in this filter. You can also apply a rule to all messages if that is desired. 
  6. Save the filter rules. The rule will be immediately applied to all incoming mails.


    Beware of Delete message option and use it with caution as it may delete incoming or existing messages.

Here is a screenshot of how it should look like:


Setting up Filters in Outlook:

Outlook normally creates filters/rules at the client-side which are local only. Perform the following steps to add server-side rules:

  1. Go to File, then click Options, and click the Automatic Replies button.
  2. Click Rules button to get further.
  3. In the Automatic Reply Rules window, click the Add Rule button.
    The Edit Rule window that opens next is where you can form your new server-side rule.
  4. You can set rule according to your needs here and it will be applied to the server when saving it.

Other email clients should work in similar way. Please feel free to reach out if any assistance is required.