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IP list and reverse lookup

IP list and reverse lookup

This page describes how to start viewing the IP list and edit the reverse lookup of your Dedicated Server through the Action panel in the Customer Portal.

Managing IP Addresses for a Dedicated Server

The configuration of PTR resource records to identify servers by Reverse DNS is strictly an optional part of the DNS standard implementation.

You are not required to use reverse lookup zones (although for some applications, such as SMTP, Reverse DNS records are used to perform security checks).

Perform the following steps to display the IP list:

  1. In the Details menu, click IP Addresses.
    The IP Addresses page displays:

Setting Reverse lookup

In this section, it is possible to change the reverse lookup for the server IP.

The standard reverse lookup that is implemented is:

  1. Click on the Update Reverse DNS button. The Edit dialog box will appear:
  2. Enter the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) in the Reverse lookup input field for the server to provide reverse lookup, and click the Confirm button.
  3. The Reverse DNS will be updated.