Virtual Server Management: Actions

DescriptionThe Action panel is displayed for all the management tabs in the Customer Portal. The following information will describe all actions you can find in this panel.

Actions available in the Action panel

The following actions can be found under the Action panel in the Customer Portal. Additional information and troubleshooting about these actions can be found on the following pages:

When you are on the management page of a server and use the create ticket action, the new ticket will be linked to that specific server. From the Customer Portal Dashboard you can create tickets with a wider spread of topics. Besides creating a ticket there are multiple ways to contact support

Here you can view the IP-addresses that are assigned to your serverhosting pack. You can also change the reverse lookup for an IP.

Through the actions panel you are able to perform (re)installations on those servers with different templates. Please see Reinstalling your server article to troubleshoot any issue.

Datatraffic notifications are a way to prevent (or limit) surcharges caused by exceeded use of data traffic.You can set up notifications for data traffic usage. When this threshold is reached, you will receive notifications by email. You can also automatically power off the machine when the limit is reached. Please refer to the Virtual Server Management: Data Traffic Notifications page a full description of the options.

With this option, you can access the console of your Virtual Server from the LeaseWeb Customer Portal. See also: Starting Console

With the Password Management option, it's possible to view/reset the root/Administrator password of your Virtual Server.