Viewing VPS action history

DescriptionThe History page displays the 10 most recent actions performed on a VPS.

Viewing the last 10 actions performed on a VPS

Perform the following steps to view the last 10 actions performed on your VPS:

  1. In the menu bar, under Compute, select Virtual Private Server.
    The Virtual Private Servers Overview page displays. 
  2. Click on the ID of the VPS for which you want to view the last ten actions.
  3. Click the History tab to view the last ten actions performed on this instance. 

    UserDisplays the username of the user who performed the action on this instance. For actions performed by Leaseweb customer support staff and engineers their personal username is not disclosed to customers and the generic "LSW Engineer" will be displayed.
    ActionDisplays the type of action performed on this instance. For example, Detach ISO, Retrieve password, Console accessed, and so forth.
    Instance NameDisplays the name of the instance on which the action was performed.
    DateDisplays the date and time when the action was performed on the instance.
    Time zone

    Displays the timezone from where the action was performed.

FAQs about VPS management

My VPS was rebooted. Why is that event not logged in the History?

The History records only shows events that were performed manually, by actual people, using the dashboard. 
Actions started from within the VPS, such as for instance an administrator rebooting the virtual server from a remote management session, cannot be logged. 
Automated actions resulting from for instance API requests and platform management tooling will also not be recorded in the History page.

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