Managing VPS password

Password Management allows you to see (in plain text) the unique random password that was automatically assigned to the VPS after it was created.

The password is the main credential used by the Operating System. For Windows VPS, this is the password assigned to the "Administrator" account, for Unix-based VPS this will be the "root" password.

When you manually change the password of the "Administrator" or "root" accounts, that new password will not be known to Leaseweb and the password displayed here will of course no longer work.

The “Password Management” feature also allows you to forcibly change the current password (regardless of whether the password is still the one assigned automatically by Leaseweb or if the password has been changed manually).

Reset the password of a VPS

  1. To reset the VPS password, login to the Customer Portal and choose VPS.
  2. Click on a VPS and click on Manage VPS, to go to the management page.
  3. On the Overview page, click Reset behind Password in the Technical Details table.
  4. Confirm the action by clicking Yes.

    Make sure to shut down your VPS before the reset password can be triggered. Also, make sure to start your VPS again after reset password has been processed.

FAQs about Password Management

  1. Can I specify my own password for the "Administrator" or "root" account?
    When you request a password reset Leaseweb will always assign a secure, unique and random password.  
    Once the password has been reset you can use that random password to log on and manually reset the password to a different one of your own preference. 

  2. The "Reset password" action does not result in a changed password, what is going wrong?
    The password reset functionality requires that after a password reset has been initiated and the server is rebooted it successfully configures its IP address with DHCP. 
    • When you have disabled DHCP and made your IP address configuration static, the password will never be reset.
    • Password reset will also fail when the IP address is null-routed by either yourself or by the Leaseweb Abuse Prevention department. 
    As an alternative you can boot from a rescue image and manually reset the password. 
    Please see the Starting your VPS in rescue mode for instructions on how to boot from a rescue image.

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