IPv6 address assignment and usage guidelines


This article provides IPv6 address assignment and usage guidelines.

IP addresses are allocated to Leaseweb by the Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) such as RIPE, ARIN and APNIC. In turn, Leaseweb assigns those IP addresses to its Customers for use while Customers are connected to the Leaseweb network.

To be able to obtain IP address space in excess of limitations mentioned in the guidelines below, customer must provide with a technical justification for the extra IP address space needed.



Similar to IPv4, there is no stateless or stateful automatic configuration for IPv6 within Leaseweb. Addresses are administratively assigned by Leaseweb to each server as a block of 65,536 continuous IPv6 addresses (equivalent to a /112) out of the shared /64 range. You need to manually configure one or more of these to your server. The gateway is fixed and is set manually, the subnet mask is always a /64. Dedicated servers can receive a /64 IPv6 subnet based on specific technical need through a justification process, where technical need is evaluated. SLAAC and/or DHCPv6 do not qualify as technical need as we do not allow automatic configuration protocols in a shared environment.

Private and colocated racks or half racks get a subnet /64 up to /48 upon request, depending on the customer needs.

Dedicated servers, Rack units and Virtual Private Servers get a subnet /112 up to /64 upon request. depending on the customer needs.


Leaseweb routers are not configured to send routing advertisements (RA). For robustness and security considerations, Leaseweb recommends all IPv6-enabled customers to disable accepting RA packets and stateless auto configuration addresses.

Reverse DNS

At the moment, reverse DNS entries for IPv6 addresses need to be set manually. For any assistance, please contact Leaseweb Customer Care.

It is intended that IPv6 reverse DNS settings will be made accessible through the Leaseweb Customer Portal in the future.

Obtaining IPv6 addresses

If you would like to start using IPv6 on your Dedicated Server, Private Rack or Colocation, please click Request IPv6 under the Actions menu, or for your Virtual Private Server, please contact Leaseweb Customer Care. A range of IPv6 addresses will be added to your product, free of charge.

The range of IPv6 addresses must still be configured on your server to make it work. Only one range can be provided.

RIPE NCC policy


ARIN policy


APNIC policy


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