Virtual Server Management

The VPS Management page contains all tasks a user can perform on controlling Virtual Private Server with Leaseweb.

All tasks are categorised under 7 basic tabs: Server Information, SSH, Network, Firewall, API ,  History and Data traffic Notifications. These tabs are all separately discussed in individual pages below.

The Action panel also allows you to reinstall the VPS, manage passwords/ IP addresses, access the console, support tickets and Acronis Backup .

Managing a VPS

Perform the following steps to open the management page for VPS:

  1. Login to the Customer Portal, and under Compute, select "VPS".
    The VPS overview page displays.

  2. In the overview page, all your VPS's under your account are listed.

  3. Click on the ID of the VPS that you would like to manage.

  4. Click the tabs at the top of VPS management page to switch between the different features.

  5. Under the Action panel, you can click the task that you want to perform.