Domain Name


Overview of Domain Names and Web Hosting Packs

The Overview page shows you all the Domains and Web Hosting packs under your account. All the actions regarding your domains can be performed directly from here: DNS Records, Nameserver and Email Management.

  1. In the Customer Portal menu, select Hosting.

  2. The Hosting overview page is displayed.


Domains displayed in red are currently suspended by Leaseweb, and no action is allowed for them.

Domains displayed in yellow are currently pending in registration, and only a few actions are allowed for them.

Registering a new Domain

  1. In the Hosting overview page, you can click on the Register Domain(s) button.

  2. Type the domain name you want to register.
  3. We will check the availability of the domain. if the domain is free, you can order it by clicking on Order domain. If you want to transfer the domain from another provider, click on Transfer to Leaseweb.

    Authorization Code

    If you select to transfer a domain to Leaseweb, you will be later asked for the Authorization code, which you can request from your previous provider.

  4. You will also see a list of suggestions for the most common extensions, which you can can also add to your order by clicking on Order domain or Transfer to Leaseweb.
  5. After you have chosen all the extensions you want to register or transfer, click on Continue.
  6. If you have selected to transfer a domain, you will be asked to insert the Authorization code. Then, click Next. 
  7. In the Summary page, you can see your complete order. Please read and accept the Terms & Conditions, and click Submit to place your order.
  8. You should get a message indicating that the operation was successful.

In a few minutes, your domain should be visible on the Hosting Overview page. If anything goes wrong, please try again in a few minutes. and If the error persists, contact our support team.

Retrieving Authorization Code

Retrieving Authorization Codes is available in the Hosting module of the Customer Portal.

In the Hosting overview page, just click on the Show Authorization Code link of the domain for which you wan to retrieve the authorization code (authorization codes for suspended domains cannot be retrieved):

After clicking on the Show Authorization Code link of the domain you want to retrieve the authorization code for will be displayed.

When the authorization code is used for transferring your domain away from Leaseweb, please remember to also cancel you contract at the All Services Page.

Managing Nameservers for your domains

Nameserver management is available in the Hosting module of the Customer Portal.

In the Hosting overview page, just click on the Nameservers link of the domain you want nameservers to be edited (nameservers for suspended domains cannot be managed):

After clicking on the Nameservers link, the list of nameservers currently configured for that specific domain will be displayed.

You can freely edit the list, delete nameservers, or add up to ten nameservers to it. Only valid domain names will be accepted as nameservers.

Editing your DNS records

  1. On the Hosting overview page, click the DNS Records link to edit your domains' DNS records:
  2. You can now see all DNS records for the domain you have chosen.

From this screen, you can either delete a DNS Record entry, add a new one, or edit an existing one.

For changing DNS record sets highlighted in blue, support should be contacted. You can do this by clicking on the Request Change link, in order to create a ticket.

Adding a new DNS record

1. On the DNS Records list page for a domain, click on the Add button:

2. Add Name and Type for the new Record Set, and click on Continue.

3. Go to Editing a DNS Record, step 2.

Editing a DNS record

1. In the DNS Records list page for a domain, click on the Edit icon for a set:

2. The details for the selected record set are displayed

The details for each record set may be different. Please, refer to our page on DNS records to more information on each of them.

3. To add a new record to the set, click the Add New Entry button (Step 1). Click on the new blank row in the list (2), and edit the details for the new entry (3).

4. When done editing the details for the new entry, click on Update Set.

5. Set the TTL for this record set.

"TTL" refers to the Time to Live of the domain. It determines the amount of time that will take for a DNS record change to propagate across the Internet. We advise to lower the TTL before making a DNS record change and setting back the TTL to 24 hours once the changes are online. Please check Domain Name Overview for more information on the TTL settings.

6. When you finish to edit all your entries, you need to press Save to have them set:

If you do not update records, and then save the changes to your settings, they will be lost!

7. Alternatively, you can opt to use advanced mode for free-text editing. Just press Advanced Edit to turn it on:

8. When finished, just press Close and Keep Changes, to update your record set, or Cancel Advanced Edit to close it without updating the previous settings.

9. Save your settings.

Deleting a DNS record

1. On the DNS Records list page for a domain, click on the Delete icon:

2. A confirmation popup will show, press Ok to proceed:

3. Alternatively, you can select multiple sets in the Record Set list page. Tick the check boxes for the set you want to delete, and then click on Delete:

4. A confirmation popup will show. Press Ok to continue:

Enabling Traffic Policy for your A & AAAA record

The Traffic Policy feature allows you to configure your records to redirect clients to the closest among a set of given IP addresses. The selection is based on the lowest latency, and can be enabled for the A record type as well as the AAAA record type:

  1. On the DNS Records list page for a domain, click on the Traffic Policy tab:

  2. Click the Add new traffic policy button.

  3.  In the now shown stepper add the name you would like to create the traffic policy for. After adding the name in the field, press Next for the next step.

  4.  In this step you can select for which record type you would like to create the traffic policy. After selecting the record type of your choice, press Next for the next step. 

  5. In this step you can add a list of ips the record traffic policy can choose from to redirect the domain to. After adding some IP addresses press the Submit button to make the traffic policy available.

Please note that when adding a traffic policy for your A record the default DNS record will also be still available.

Enabling DNSSEC for your domain

  1. On the Hosting overview page, click the DNS Records link to edit your domains' DNS records:

  2. For domains with Leaseweb name servers, you can now see all DNS records for the domain you have chosen. On the top of the screen, there is a DNSSEC enabling switch to make it On/Off, and a Status label:

  3. For domains with external nameservers
    1. The supported Flags are 256/257.
    2. At the moment we support following algorithm : 7, 8, 10, 13, 14.
    3. Customers can now insert their own key.
    4. At at the moment we support protocol 3.

  • If you disable DNSSEC for a domain, please note that you cannot re-enable it again for 25 hours.
  • You can enable DNSSEC for most domains, as long as they use Leaseweb nameservers.
  • For domains enabled in the Customer Portal, NSEC records are used by default. Please refer to our APIs if you want to have DNSSEC with NSEC3 enabled.

Enabling DNSSEC with delegation for your subdomain

  1. On the Record Set Management page for your parent DNSSEC-enabled domain, add an NS record for the subdomain (sub-zone) for which you want delegation.

  2. Add a DS record for the same subdomain (sub-zone).

Managing Contact Handles

From the Hosting Overview page, select the domain for which you want to manage the contact information and click on the corresponding Contact Handles link:

You will access the edit page for contact handles, where you can find information for Registrant, Administrative and Technical contacts:

All fields marked in red are mandatory, and you will not be allowed to save anything if they are not fulfilled.

For the Administrative and Technical contacts, you can Copy Registrant Information, which will automatically copy all fields from the Registrant contact:


Release Notes: Domain Name (Date Format: Feb 4, 2021)

Feature updates

The following features have been added/enhanced with this release:

API updates

Release Notes: Domain Name (Date Format: Feb 4, 2021)

Frequently Asked Questions for Domain Name

FAQ: Which hosting services does Leaseweb provide?

Depending on your website requirements, you can choose to host your domain on a Web Hosting package or on a server (Virtual ServersBare Metal ServersPrivate Cloud, and Dedicated Servers). Not sure which hosting service to choose or do you need a hybrid solution? Our Sales team will be happy to help you. You can contact us at or use the Live Chat option during business hours. 

FAQ: How can I test my web hosting pack without changing the DNS records?

When creating a new hosting package, you can test it before making the actual changes in the DNS records by following the instructions mentioned here: Domain Name

If you have further questions, please contact

FAQ: How can I change the domain nameservers?

You can update the domain nameserver from the Leaseweb Customer Portal. For instructions on how to do it, please see the article on "Managing nameservers for your domains".

FAQ: How can I change the domain name contact details (handles)/WHOIS information?

To change the WHOIS information (domain name contact details), you need to contact us at You can also open a ticket from the Leaseweb Customer Portal.

Once your request is submitted, a ticket will be opened in our system and this will be processed within 1 business days. Please use a registered email address under your account if you are sending us an email.

When updating the email address of the domain name's owner, a contact verification email will be sent by ICANN. Please validate the link in the email to make sure your domain name doesn't go into "client/server hold" status at the registry.

FAQ: How can I change the primary domain on Web Hosting?

To update the domain nameserver, you need to contact us at You can also open a ticket for Support from the Leaseweb Customer Portal or send an email to 

Once your request is submitted, a ticket will be opened in our system and this will be processed within 1 business days. Please use a registered email address under your account if you are sending us an email.

FAQ: What does my domain status mean?

Domains on "Client/Server hold" status

When your domain is on this status means that domain owner needs to confirm his contact details at the registry. Once this is done, the domain is automatically activated.

Please see our section on ICANN contact verification for more information on this status.

Domains on 'Registrar hold' status

If a domain has the registrar hold status, the domain name has expired with the current registrar, but has not yet been terminated. This means that the domain name must first be extended with the current registrar, before it can be transferred.

Domains on 'Locked' status

If the domain is shown as "Locked", you will need to request a lock removal at your current provider, before asking for the domain's EPP transfer authorization code.

Domains on 'Pending' status

In most cases the ‘Pending’ status means that a domain is in progress to be transferred to a different registrar. More information on the status of the domain can be requested by contacting 

FAQ: How can I transfer a domain between Leaseweb customer accounts?

To transfer a domain between Leaseweb customer accounts, please contact

FAQ: How can I add an email to the domain?

We provide email accounts through our Web Hosting packages. For each email account, you will have a 5 GB mailbox space available. The number of email accounts depends on the package size:

Web Hosting package sizeNumber of email accounts

Email accounts are managed using the Leaseweb Customer Portal. For more information, please visit Domain Name or our website:

For details about email settings, please visit: Configuring Email Settings

FAQ: How can I set a Reverse DNS (PTR record)?

You can set the Reverse DNS (PTR record) from the Leaseweb Customer Portal. For detailed instructions, please visit: Reverse DNS (PTR Record).

FAQ: How can I redirect my domain name to another domain name?

You can set the redirect in any one of the following ways:

  • For Web Hosting package, you can create redirects by adding a .htaccess file in the root of your Web Hosting pack.


    Web Hosting packages offer the option of adding domain aliases via Plesk. When you add a domain as an alias, it gets linked to an existing website. This newly added domain then appears as the main website.

  • HTTP Redirect package through which you can redirect one domain name to another through a standard or a framed forward redirect.
    • Standard Redirect: Forwards the URL to its new address and changes the URL in the browser.
    • Framed Forward: Cloaks the forward address and shows the domain the user typed in.

For information on how to set the HTTP redirect at no additional cost from the customer portal, please see: Redirecting domains

FAQ: What is the delivery time for a domain name order?

Domain names are processed within 1 business day. Please note that this time does not include the order being verified (for new customers) and the payment receipt time (for prepaid customers).

Some TLDs require additional details for their registrations or are not automatically transferred. When we process your order, we will keep you updated on your registered email address on the order details and delivery times.

FAQ: Does my order need to be verified?

Your order needs to be verified if you do not have yet a customer account with Leaseweb. An order placed through the website is first verified by us over phone. This is a one-time verification process applicable only for your first order. Once verified, the order will be delivered within 1 business days.

FAQ: How can I transfer my domain to Leaseweb?

Each domain name TLD has its own registry rules. The majority of the domains can be transferred to a different registrar party by using an authorization code (transfer code). Once you have the available authorization code, you can place an order via our website and provide the authorization code in the assigned field. Domain transfer times depend on the TLD, .com domains are transferred within 5 days, while .nl domains are automatically transferred. If you require further details on a certain TLD, please send us your questions at

When a domain name is transferred to Leaseweb, its contact details and nameservers are not automatically updated in our system. You must send your change request to, or reply to the domain transfer confirmation email (that we will send you).

FAQ: How can I cancel my domain name with Leaseweb?

If you do not wish to renew a domain name with Leaseweb, you can cancel it from the Leaseweb Customer Portal (under My Account > All services). Please make sure to cancel the domain name before the contract renewal date. If you need assistance with cancelling your domain name, please contact us at

When cancelling your Web Hosting pack, please make sure to check if other connected services need to be cancelled as well (e.g. Web Hosting packages, SSL certificates). If so, please make sure to cancel these from the customer portal.

FAQ: How can I retrieve an authorization code (transfer code) to transfer my domain from Leaseweb?

If you want to transfer your domain from Leaseweb, you will need an authorization code:

  1. Get your Authorization Code from the Leaseweb Customer Portal.
  2. Cancel your domain in the All Products page.

Contact us at to let us know if you have any issue. 

Please note that if the domain is connected to a Web Hosting pack which is no longer needed, the Web Hosting Pack will need to be canceled as well in the Leaseweb Customer Portal.

FAQ: Can I use DNSSEC for any domain?

You can use the DNSSEC On/Off switch on the DNS Records management page to enable most domains, as long as they use Leaseweb nameservers. In the case enabling is not possible for a specific domain, please contact with your request to add DNSSEC for your domain, confirming the DNSSEC Key that you want to use.

FAQ: How do I activate the SPAM filters of my webmail?

You can easily view, edit, delete your mail boxes, along with activating the SAPM filteres. For detailed instructions, please click here

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