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Overview of Domain Names and Web Hosting Packs

The Overview page shows you all the Domains and Web Hosting packs under your account. All the actions regarding your domains can be performed directly from here: DNS Records, Nameserver and Email Management.

  1. In the Customer Portal menu, select "Hosting".

  2. The Hosting overview page is displayed:


Domains displayed in red are currently suspended by Leaseweb, and no action is allowed for them.

Domains displayed in yellow are currently pending in registration, and only a few actions are allowed for them.

Registering a new Domain

In the Overview page, you can click on the "Register Domain" button. You will be redirected to the Leaseweb website. Alternatively, you can directly access the site, where you can order a new domain with Leaseweb.

Retrieving Authorization Code

Retrieving Authorization Codes is available in the Hosting module of the Customer Portal.

In the Hosting overview page, just click on the "Show Authorization Code" link of the domain for which you wan to retrieve the authorization code (authorization codes for suspended domains cannot be retrieved):

After clicking on the "Show Authorization Code" link of the domain you want to retrieve the authorization code for will be displayed.

When the authorization code is used for transferring your domain away from Leaseweb, please remember to also cancel you contract at the All Services Page.

Managing Nameservers for your domains

Nameserver management is available in the Hosting module of the Customer Portal.

In the Hosting overview page, just click on the "Nameservers" link of the domain you want nameservers to be edited (nameservers for suspended domains cannot be managed):

After clicking on the "Nameservers" link, the list of nameservers currently configured for that specific domain will be displayed:

You can freely edit the list, delete nameservers, or add up to ten nameservers to it. Only valid domain names will be accepted as nameservers.

Editing your DNS records

  1. On the Hosting overview page, click the "DNS Records" link to edit your domains' DNS records:

  2. You can now see all DNS records for the domain you have chosen:


From this screen, you can either delete a DNS entry, add a new one, or edit an existing one.

For changing DNS record sets highlighted in blue, support should be contacted. You can do this by clicking on the "Request Change" link, in order to create a ticket.

Adding a new DNS record

1. On the DNS Records list page for a domain, click on the "Add New Record" button:

2. Add Name and Type for the new Record Set, and click on "Continue":

3. Go to "Editing a DNS Record", step 2.

Editing a DNS record

1. In the DNS Records list page for a domain, click on the "Edit" icon for a set:

2. The details for the selected record set are displayed:

The details for each record set may be different. Please, refer to our page on DNS records to more information on each of them.

 3. To add a new record to the set, click the "Add New Entry" button (1). Click on the new blank row in the list (2), and edit the details for the new entry (3).

4. When done editing the details for the new entry, click on "UPDATE SET".

5. Set the TTL for this record set:

"TTL" refers to the Time to Live of the domain. It determines the amount of time that will take for a DNS record change to propagate across the Internet. We advise to lower the TTL before making a DNS record change and setting back the TTL to 24 hours once the changes are online. Please check Domain Name Overview for more information on the TTL settings.

6. When you finish to edit all your entries, you need to press "SAVE" to have them set:

If you do not "UPDATE" records, and then "SAVE" the changes to your settings, they will be lost!

7. Alternatively, you can opt to use advanced mode for free-text editing. Just press "Advanced Edit" to turn it on:

8. When finished, just press "CLOSE AND KEEP CHANGES", to update your record set, or "CANCEL ADVANCED EDIT" to close it without updating the previous settings.

9. "SAVE" your settings.

Deleting a DNS record

1. On the DNS Records list page for a domain, click on the "DELETE" icon:

2. A confirmation popup will show, press "CONFIRM" to proceed:

3. Alternatively, you can select multiple sets in the Record Set list page. Tick the checkboxes for the set you want to delete, and then click on "DELETE":

4. A confirmation popup will show. Press "CONFIRM" to continue:

Managing Contact Handles

From the Domains Overview page, select the domain for which you want to manage the contact information and click on the corresponding "Contact Handles" link:

You will access the edit page for contact handles, where you can find information for Registrant, Administrative and Technical contacts:

All fields marked in red are mandatory, and you will not be allowed to save anything if they are not fulfilled.

For the Administrative and Technical contacts, you can enable the "Sync with Registrant" feature, which will automatically copy all information from the Registrant fields to the other contacts: