Managing your profile

 Once logged in to the Customer Portal, you can easily update your user profile. You can change your first- and lastname and change your password. You will also be able to enable 2-step verification.

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Frequently asked questions about managing your profile

FAQ: Now that I use my email to login, do I need to use my Customer ID later?

No, you do not need the Customer ID for logging in. You might be asked for the Customer ID if you contact Support or Sales departments.

FAQ: What is the difference between "Contact Information" and "My Profile"?

"Contact information" contains contact details related to a single specific customer account. Details entered in the Contact Information is used to contact you, or to verify if you are allowed to request support using email. If an email address is not listed within the Contact Information, support requests might be rejected.

"My Profile" contains details related to your user accout. From here, you can change your user profile, e.g., your name and password.

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