Managing your account

 You can manage your account in the Profile Dashboard. Within the dashboard you can update your profile, setup two-factor authentication and view logs of certain events related to your account.

Accessing the Profile Dashboard

There are two ways to access the Profile Dashboard:

  1. Go directly to and login
  2. Log in to the Leaseweb Customer Portal. Click My Profile in the top-right menu of the Customer Portal

Follow the below instructions to perform updates on your profile, setup two-factor authentication and more.

Profile overview

The initial screen within the Profile Dashboard gives you a quick overview of pending account requests, number of linked accounts, when your password or personal information was updated, if you enabled two-factor authentication and when you last logged in. It also provides a quick list of recent security changes.

Change personal information

To change your personal information (Name, e-mail address and password), click on  Personal Info on the left side menu. This will bring you to the page where you can modify your name and email address and update your password.

Frequently asked questions about managing your profile

FAQ: What is the difference between "Contact Information" and "My Profile"?

"Contact information" contains contractual contact details related to a single specific customer account. Details entered in the Contact Information is used to contact you, or to verify if you are allowed to request support using email. If an email address is not listed within the Contact Information, support requests might be rejected.

"My Profile" contains details related to your user account. From here, you can change your user profile, e.g., your name and password, manage your linked customer accounts and more.

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