Managing Contacts

Once logged in to the Customer Portal, you can easily manage contacts connected to your customer account. Add, remove and edit contacts.

You can find Contacts under the left menu item Administration → Account Management section of the Customer Portal.

Contacts should not be confused with Customer Portal users. Customer Portal users can only login to the Customer Portal and perform certain actions. Contact persons, managed in the Contacts section, are used for communication via email or phone, and are used for contractual purposes.

Contact roles

Each contact can have roles assigned to it. The roles assigned will be used to receive automated communication. The following roles can be assigned:

  • (Primary) General: contact in your organization that Leaseweb shall communicate with for all matters regarding your customer account and related Leaseweb services
  • (Primary) Billing: contact for information regarding invoices and payments. Non-primary Billing contact persons in the account are included in the updates, however the Primary contact person is expected to act upon financial matters on behalf of the customer account.
  • (Primary) Technicalcontact for information regarding service deliveries and modification
  • (Primary) Securitycontact for updates regarding security and abuse

A primary role must be assigned for each role. The primary contact is the main contact that Leaseweb will contact in case of inquiries. A contact can have multiple primary roles.

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