Contacting support

This article describes how you can contact Leaseweb Customer Care, and what information you should provide to ensure that Leaseweb can process your request swiftly and efficiently.


Creating a new support ticket

We offer multiple ways to contact Leaseweb Support. If you have an issue, the best way to contact us is by opening a ticket or starting a live chat via the Leaseweb Customer Portal. Alternatively, you may contact Leaseweb Support via email or phone.

Creating tickets for a specific service

Perform the following tasks to create a ticket for a specific service (with most information already filled in):

  1. Log into the Leaseweb Customer Portal.
  2. Click on the product that you have an issue with (such as “Dedicated & Bare Metal”, “Colocation” or “Virtual Server”)

  3. Filter to find your product.
  4. Click the "Manage" icon for the service you have an issue with.

  5. Now you are at the page with all information about this specific service. 
    Under “Actions”, click on “Create ticket” to create a ticket for this specific service.

  6. Fill in all the information.

  7. Click the "Submit Ticket" button.


You can email any of Leaseweb's listed contact addresses to create a ticket. For support, please send an email to

Any support request received by email will only be processed when sent from a known email address. Leaseweb recommends you to set up a backup email address with a third-party provider, and update this as your secondary contact address when updating your details in the Leaseweb Customer Portal, in case your primary address becomes unavailable.

Please be aware that our ticketing system will ignore any reply-to: e-mail headers. Replies will always be sent to the original sender.

Tickets created by email are not visible from the Leaseweb Customer Portal.


Have your customer number handy when you call us, since we will need it to respond to any telephone inquiry. If you are calling regarding an existing ticket, be sure to have the ticket number at hand as well. Please refer to the contact information page on our website for phone numbers.

Recommended best-practices for dealing with support tickets

Please check the following topics before creating a new ticket: Support Procedures and Support topics. These topics cover 90% of all support tickets use cases.

Also please check the Leaseweb Service Status if there is any scheduled maintenance or outage that may affect your server or service.

Before you hit "Send"

It is imperative that your support request contains all necessary information for it to be processed as efficiently as possible. Please consider the following:

  • Specify which service or server your request is about
  • Provide any usernames / passwords necessary for us to assist you. If you prefer not to share your current password, we recommend that you change it first, create a separate account or ask for our public ssh key
  • For dedicated-, virtual-, or colocated servers, let us know if we may perform a reboot if necessary
  • In case of a hardware error, help us identify the hardware by providing the serial number
Tickets with different departments

Depending on the nature of your request, your ticket may be forwarded to another department. If your request requires multiple actions from different departments, your ticket may be split into multiple tickets that can be handled in parallel for maximum efficiency and minimum time-to-fix. In this case, you will always be notified. Please, always track the ticket number corresponding with your request.

Multiple issues within a single ticket

Leaseweb strongly discourages its customers to report multiple unrelated issues in a single ticket, this can easily lead to confusion. Reusing old tickets by replying to them is also strongly discouraged. In case you need to refer to an issue that is older than one week, all that you need to do is specify the original ticket number in your new request.