Private Networking


How to set up and use Private Networking

Using the Leaseweb API or the Leaseweb Customer Portal, you can create a private network which connects two or more servers within the same data center or between interconnected data centers. For details, see the specifications below. Traffic sent between servers across the private network will not count towards your bandwidth costs.
For instructions, please refer to Private Networking

Different scenarios of using Private Networking

This section describes possible scenarios using Private Networking with Bare Metal Servers.

Database traffic and webserver application traffic is routed via the private network to ensure the traffic generated between the servers will be free of charge. Meanwhile all servers remain connected to the public network.

It is important to configure your applications accordingly otherwise the traffic will still use the public network

In this setup, the public uplinks of the application and database servers are disabled from the Leaseweb Customer Portal (by disabling the public switch port). Both servers will not have Internet access and will only serve their services using the internal network.

In this setup, all the servers are disconnected from their primary public uplinks. A server is installed as gateway. Such a scenario can be enlarged with software load balancers and firewalls.

The public IPs of the different servers cannot be routed to this gateway box.

Private Networking specifications

This section describes the specifications of the private networking infrastructure.

    • Default 100 Mbps port speed, upgradable to 1 Gbps port speed
    • 10 Gbps port speed available on request
    • Full layer-2 network connection (Untagged only, tagged / Dot1q not supported)
    • 9k MTU, VXLAN tunnels supported.
      See also here
    • Added layer-3 DHCP services, offering /27 IP-space.
      (Optionally, layer-3 DHCP servers can also be disabled)
    • Private Networks are also accessible from Remote Management VPN connections
    • Larger subnets are available upon request, at no additional cost.
    • Traffic sent between servers across the private network will not count towards your bandwidth costs (FUP)
    • Available in following data centers: 
      • Amsterdam (AMS-01) (Available on select server models)
      • London (LON-11 & LON-12 are interconnected)
      • Frankfurt (FRA-10 & FRA-14 are interconnected)
      • Washington DC (WDC-01 & WDC-02 are interconnected)
      • San Francisco (SFO-12)
      • Dallas (DAL-10 & DAL-12 are interconnected)
      • Los Angeles (LAX-11)
      • Seattle (SEA-11)
      • New York (NYC-11)
      • Miami (MIA-11)
      • Singapore (SIN-10 & SIN-11 are interconnected)
      • Hong Kong (HKG-10 & HKG-12 are interconnected)
      • Sydney (SYD-10)

To enable Private Networking on a server, please select the "Connect to Private Networking" checkbox when placing the order, or upgrade from the Server Management: Private Networking page in the customer portal.