Order Received

Congratulations for your first order with Leaseweb! We've now received your order, which we will process. If needed, we'll reach out to verify your order details.

Order Verification

For new orders, sometimes we need to contact you to verify it. This is a one-time process to ensure security. Additionally, verification prevents network and content abuse and ensures that Leaseweb complies with legal regulations. We always aim to reach out to our customers selected for extra verification within 24 hours. For more questions, please see the FAQ section.

What can you expect next?

You will receive an email with instructions for creating your Leaseweb user account. With that, you can log in to your Customer Portal to access and manage your services once they are delivered. 

How do I know if I am selected for extra verification?

If you are selected for verification, you receive an email that you need additional verification. The email will look like the example below:

Why do I need extra verification?

The main reasons for being selected for extra verification include that the provided information in the order form does not add up, the order form was not fully completed, or that you were chosen randomly. To receive your order as quickly as possible, ensure to fill in the correct details. Do you have questions regarding what to fill in? Do not hesitate to contact our Sales team through chat in order to receive assistance.

What do I have to submit and where do I send it to?

Once you have been selected for extra verification, Leaseweb will request you for the following documents in order to complete the verification procedure:

  • Copy of your ID, passport, or another proof of legal identification
  • Business/Individual Entrepreneur Registration Document
  • Proof of address (note, this can not be the same ID or passport already provided)
  • Copy of the Credit Card that was used for the order (when applicable)
  • Copy of the ID of the Credit Card holder that was used for the order (when applicable)

Please note that these should be full color copies of non-digital documents.

When you have been selected for Extra Verification, we will contact you via email. When Leaseweb requests additional documents for verification, this email will always come from one of the below email addresses, depending on the Leaseweb entity you have placed your order in:

What does Leaseweb use your documents for?

The documents you have provided upon our request are solely for the verification of your identity and business. Leaseweb does not share your information with third parties and complies with GDPR. To read more about your privacy with Leaseweb, we would like to direct you to our website

When do I request public PGP key?

In case you do not feel comfortable providing your personal documents without the use of encryption, please reply to the email you have received regarding the extra verification and request our public PGP key.

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