Server Management: Server Details

DescriptionManage your server details and set your reference. Upgrade SLA, Harddisks & memory. From the Server Details page, you can view the Technical details and Administrative details of your Dedicated & Bare Metal Servers.


Technical details

In this section you can view the details of your Dedicated or Bare Metal Server.

Brand and ModelDisplays the server brand and Model
ProcessorDisplays the amount of processor(s), type and number of cores in the server
RAMDisplays the total amount of RAM in the server
HDDDisplays the type(s) of hard disk(s) in the server
Public IP

Displays the public primary IPv4 assigned to the server. The link will show all assigned IP addresses to the server

Private Networking

Displays if Private Networking is available and enabled. Clicking the link will show the  page
At the moment Private Networking is not available for all existing servers. Please use the action to contact our Support department if you wish to enable Private Networking on a server that does not have it available.

Remote Management

Displays if Remote Management (KVM) is available for the server. For more details see the  resource

Hardware RAID

Displays if Hardware RAID if available for the server. When Hardware RAID is enabled, the will automatically offer Hardware RAID options

Administrative details

In this section you can view the administrative details of your Dedicated or Bare Metal Server

Delivery Status

Will always be

Server Id

Displays the Server Id, a unique numerical identifier for the physical server.

The Server Id is the identifier that is used with v2 API communication. It is related to the asset database of Leaseweb

Server TypeWill always be "Dedicated" for dedicated servers
LocationDisplays the data center, suite, rack and rack unit position of the server. This allows our staff to locate the server
Product IdDisplays the Product Id, a numerical identifier related to the Internal Reference, which is used with v1 API calls

Displays the customer reference of the server. You can edit the reference value by clicking the  icon. See below chapter for more detail

Internal ReferenceDisplays the Internal Reference, which is also visible on your invoice
Billing frequencyDisplays how frequently the invoice for the server is generated
Contract TermDisplays the initial term of the contract
Start DateDisplays the date from when the contract of the server started
End DateDisplays the date from when the contract of the server ends, if it was canceled.
Data Pack

Displays the current data pack of the server. You can upgrade your Data Pack by clicking the link.

Data Used

In case the server has an included data traffic pack, the progress bar displays the used data traffic. Usage graphs are displayed on the  page


Displays the level of service agreements associated to the server. You can upgrade your SLA by clicking the link. See below chapter for more detail

Editing your reference

It  sometimes maybe difficult to identify a server based on the server name or ID. For easier identification, you can add a reference. The reference can also be searched using the search box at the top of the All Servers page.

The reference will also be printed on your invoice. This could be useful for the following scenarios:

  • When you are reselling the server and want to identify it by using your customer's name
  • When your finance department requires a specific PO number/project ID per server to be stated on the invoice
  • When you want to filter servers based on reference-this provides an overview of servers that are already assigned to a user/project, and the servers are not yet assigned

1. Click  located right of the current reference

2. The Edit Customer Reference pop-up appears

3. Enter your desired reference

4. Click Confirm

Upgrading your SLA

For information on the different types of SLA and their benefits, refer to the article on Service Level Agreement.

1. Click  at the right of SLA

2. The Upgrade Service Level Agreement pop-up appears.

3. Select your desired Service Level Agreement from the drop-down menu


4. Click Confirm.

5. The new selected SLA is added to your server and it will be applied and invoiced accordingly.

Upgrading your bandwidth / data traffic pack

Under administrative details it is possible to upgrade your bandwidth or included data traffic.

For more information about our different data packs and their benefits, refer to the article on Metering and Billing

To upgrade your included bandwidth or data traffic pack please follow the following steps:

  1. Click  right at of the current data pack name

  2. The bandwidth upgrade screen appears

  3. Specify the amount of bandwidth or data traffic you want to upgrade to

  4. Click the button
    A sales representative will contact you with further details


Clicking the link will show the  page. See Credentials for details.


For a detailed explanation of the actions that can be performed from the server details page, please refer to Server Management: Actions