Apache CloudStack manages the network, storage, and virtual machines that make up the cloud infrastructure. It can be used to deploy, manage, and configure cloud computing environments.

This manual provides information on all features included in the graphical user interface of Leaseweb Private Cloud powered by Apache CloudStack. By using the table of contents, you can find information about features and how to manage your virtual machines/instances:

Window layout and navigation

The diagram represents the general layout of the Leaseweb CloudStack platform. 

The web interface enables you to select and control views.

NotificationsDisplays the total number of actions that you performed during one session. When clicked, it displays detailed information about those actions.

By default, the dashboard displays the "Default" view—this view displays the overall infrastructure of the domain, not specific to any project.

Note: You can use the Projects drop-down list to select a project—the view related to the selected project is displayed. Projects are configured by the domainadmin. For more information about projects, refer to the article on projects.

UI options and information

By default, it displays information about the logged in user. The log out option is provided here. It also displays information about the specific version of the CloudStack platform. When an update is made to the platform, it displays the new version number.