Viewing your Elastic Compute usage from customer portal

In the customer portal you can view the usage of CPU cores, Memory, Data traffic (Network) and Storage. The usage reported in the graphs are actuals retrieved from your CloudStack domain.

Perform the following steps to view the usage details for your Elastic Compute.

  1. Login to the customer portal and click on Elastic Compute under Cloud Compute.
  2. Select the Elastic Compute contract and click Manage Elastic Compute.
  3. Click on the Usage Statistics tab.

  4. Select a month for which you want to view the usage.

    ResourceGraph explanation
    CPUShows the cores used, combined per day.
    MemoryShows the memory in gigabytes used, combined per day.
    NetworkShows incoming and outgoing data traffic used, combined per day.
    StorageShows the storage in gigabytes used, combined per day.

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