Managing Veeam vCloud backup jobs

Backup jobs: Veeam backup


Creating a new backup job

To create a new backup job, follow the instructions listed below:

  1. On the Jobs page, click the Create button.

  2. In the pop-up window, fill in a name, description, the amount of restore points, and click Next.

  3. Click the Add button to add virtual machines to the backup job.

  4. Select the virtual machines or vApps you want to include in the backup job, and click Next.

  5. You can choose to enable "application-aware image-processing" and "guest file system indexing":

    To enable guest file system indexing, you need to supply OS credentials for the VM.

  6. Configure the backup schedule. Additionally you can also specify retry options and limit the backup window.

  7. You can choose to enable email notifications, and click Finish.

  8. The backup job will be created.

    The created backup job will start according to the configured schedule, if you want to run it immediatly, you can click on it and click "start" in the top right corner.

Managing existing backup jobs

Click the backup job that you want to manage, and click one of the buttons on the top right corner:

  • Start – Starts the selected backup job
  • Stop – Stops the selected backup job
  • Retry – Retry the selected backup job (if status is set to failed)
  • Edit – Edits the selected backup job, this will open the same pop-up window that's used when creating a new backup job.
  • Active Full – Explicitly performs a full backup, instead of an incremental backup.
  • Disable – Disables the selected backup job, ignoring it's configured schedule.
  • Delete – Deletes the selected backup job.

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