Creating a ticket with Leaseweb Customer Care

This page describes how to create a ticket for your Dedicated & Bare Metal Server through the Action panel in the Customer Portal.


Creating a ticket with Leaseweb Customer Care

By using the 'create ticket' link in the action panel, a support ticket will be created using the technical details of your server.

When you are on the management page of a server and use the create ticket action, the new ticket will be linked to that specific server. From the Customer Portal Dashboard you can create tickets with a wider spread of topics. Besides creating a ticket there are multiple ways to contact Customer Care

1. Click the Create ticket icon in the Action panel 

The Create a new ticket page appears.

3. Select by who the request is done in the drop down menu.

4. In the drop-down menu select to which department you want to sent the ticket: Support, Sales, Security, Administration, Feedback or CDN

5. From the drop-down menu select the topic to which the ticket relates to.

6. Any additional information can be filled in the message text box.

7. Switch notifications on/off for receiving e-mails concerning your ticket.

8. To attach files to the ticket click the Attach file icon above the Send button.

Before you hit "Send"
It is imperative that your support request contains all necessary information for it to be processed as efficiently as possible. Please consider the following:

  • Provide any usernames / passwords necessary for us to assist you. If you prefer not to share your current password, we recommend that you change it first, create a separate account or ask for our public ssh key
  • For Dedicated or Bare Metal, virtual, or colocated servers, let us know if we may perform a reboot if necessary
  • In case of a hardware error, help us identify the hardware by providing the serial number

Speed up your support request as much as possible
Searching for a problem that has occurred can take a lot of time. Specifying the following information can decrease the time to solve your incident:

  • Did you change anything to your server before the problem occurred? (For instance: installed a new application, applied security patches, performed upgrades of applications to new major versions)
  • What are steps to reproduce the problem? If it can be reproduced it enhances the troubleshooting.

Tickets with different departments
Depending on the nature of your request, your ticket may be forwarded to another department. If your request requires multiple actions from different departments, your ticket may be split into multiple tickets that can be handled in parallel for maximum efficiency and minimum time-to-fix. In this case, you will always be notified. Please always track the ticket number corresponding with your request.

Multiple issues within a single ticket
Leaseweb strongly discourages its customers to report multiple unrelated issues in a single ticket, this can easily lead to confusion. Reusing old tickets by replying to them is also strongly discouraged. In case you need to refer to an issue that is older than one week, all you need to do is specify the original ticket number in your new request.