Changing passwords


How to change a password in Windows or Linux


Lost password

To change your password, access to the server using the original password is usually required. If you have lost your root password, please contact our Customer Care department. We can help you with resetting your root password.

Other services

This article applies to servers only. Passwords for most other Leaseweb services can be changed through the LeaseWeb Customer Portal

Windows procedure

  1. When logged in to your server with RDP, click on the Start button, and click Windows Security.
  2. In the next screen, click "Change a password..." and complete the fields to change your password.

Linux procedure

On Linux systems, a user's password can be set on the command line by using the following utility:


Running this command without any options will change the password for the current user. Running it while logged in as the root user will allow you to change passwords for other users. This can be done with the following command:

passwd 'username'

In this case, "username" is the name of the user for which you want to change the password.

After hitting enter, you will be asked to provide a new password two times. If both passwords entered are the same you have updated your password.