Remote Hands


When your business is in a different city or even country than your IT infrastructure, local support is essential. When you colocate at one of LeaseWeb's secure and advanced data centers, we offer Remote Hands to keep your business connected, maintained, and provisioned. 

All LeaseWeb, colocation customers receive our Basic Remote Hands package at no additional charge. With this package, requests are processed 24/7, charged at our standard hourly rate. An upgraded Remote Hands package provides faster response times, priority access to our certified engineers, free minutes, and reduced pricing for support minutes exceeding the package allowance. Businesses demanding the highest level of performance and uptime for critical applications and websites find this offer particularly valuable.


Extended Remote Hands packages

 Benefits for having a non-basic Service Level Agreement can be found below:

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  • Response times up to 30 min
  • Free minutes
  • Reduced hourly rates
  • Removal, installation, and configuration of hardware components
  • Testing of cabling for continuity and proper signaling
  • Installing, replacing, removing, inventorying, and labeling of equipment
  • Cassette exchange, storage, retrieval, and transport
  • Power cycling equipment
  • Visual verification to assist in troubleshooting
  • Wiring of patch panels and equipment
  • Routine diagnostics

Remote Hands is available in several levels: Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Remote Hands (Europe)

Remote Hands packages for Europe placed below:

Remote Hands (U.S.)

Remote Hands packages for U.S. placed below:

Billed support

Common billed support tasks

All remote hands are billed support.

Our support engineer team can perform the following common tasks:

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  • Installing additional software with default settings, until reachable
  • Control Panel configuration - any  
  • Adding additional IP / IPv6 addresses to the server *
  • Software updates
  • Security review
  • Configure software (limited)
  • Connect / insert CD-ROM or CD-R with .iso file provided

*Limitations apply. See Service Level Agreement article for details.


LeaseWeb will not commit to any fixed fee for paid support tasks. An indication of the time needed can be requested beforehand, but this is only indicative. It is always the actual time taken that will be billed.