SSL Certificates

Leaseweb offers several SSL certificates in order to secure your website or other services. A wide range in certificates can be purchased from us. Below you can find a list with the pricing of the certificates. The validation options that we provide for each of the SSL certificates are: Domain validated, Organization validated or Extended validation.


Standard SSL Price in € Multi Domain Price in € Wildcard SSL Price in €
PositiveSSL DV 12 Sectigo EV 210 Positive SSL DV 84
InstantSSL OV 54 Sectigo UCC 75 Premium SSL OV 270
PremiumSSL OV 78 PositiveSSL MDC 15

Sectigo EV 120

Let's Encrypt (only for Linux web hosting)


What is the difference between Domain (DV), Organization (OV) and Extended (EV) validation?

DV: Quickest verification process b, cheaper, a secure feeling for the visitors of the website. For this certificate the domain

OV: Longer verification process, expensive, an increasingly secure feeling for the visitors of the website over DV.
During the verification process a questionnaire is send to the organization with questions like 'what is the address of the organization'. Only if all this information matches the SSL application the certificate will be provided. OV certification is often used when bank transfers or payments are part of the website.

EV: The highest form of verification, leading to a green address bar, and in most browsers the company name is highlighted.
During the verification process company details are requested and strictly checked. Checks with the Chamber of Commerce are common and a phone call is made for verification.

Does your business require a Wildcard SSL certificate?

If the website that has to be secured is using subdomains that require the security of the SSL as well, it is advised to use a Wildcard SSL. Without Wildcard a unique SSL certificate has to be used for every subdomain.

How can I request a Let's Encrypt certificate for my website?

Let's Encrypt is only supported at our Linux web hosting platform. If you would like to have it enabled for your website, please submit a ticket in the Customer Portal.

How can I order SSL certificates with Leaseweb?

Our Customer Care team is happy to assist you with ordering and installing an SSL certificate on our webhosting platform. You can contact us by opening a ticket under Support from the Customer Portal.

Please, inform us which domain it is for and which SSL certificate you would like to purchase. 

How can I add my own SSL certificate to my Leaseweb domain?