Web Hosting Overview


LeaseWeb offers managed shared Web Hosting services. Currently, we have different platforms offering Linux Web Hosting and Windows Web Hosting.


Types and sizes of Web Hosting packages

LeaseWeb provides Linux and Windows Web Hosting packages with the following specifications:

Please note that there is no PHP available on the Windows webhosting packages.

  • For Web Hosting location NL


Linux NL

Windows NL

Operating system


Server 2012 R2

Web server

Apache 2.4

IIS 8.5

Scripting language(s)

PHP 7.0


Database server

MySQL 5.6

MSSQL 2014
MySQL 5.5

Control panel

Plesk 12.5

Plesk 12.5

Available sizes

S, M, L, XL

S, M, L, XL

SNI Support Yes Yes

  • For Web Hosting location US 


Linux US

Windows US

Operating system


Server 2008 R2

Web server

Apache 2.4

IIS 7.5

Scripting language(s)

PHP 5.6

Classic ASP



Database server

MySQL 5.5

MSSQL 2008 R2
MySQL 5.5

Control panel

Plesk 12.5

Plesk 11.5

Available sizes

S, M, L, XL

S, M, L, XL

SNI Support Yes Yes

  • Sizes (S, M, L, XL): For detailed specifications of the Web Hosting pack sizes, please visit Web Hosting section (click "Expand All+" to view all specifications).
  • Types (Linux, Windows): You can also check our Web Hosting section for current supported specifications.
  • Our webhosting supports the FTP and FTPS (FTP over SSL) protocol.
  • We use SNI on our webhosting platforms so no additional ip address is needed for SSL.

If you require additional details on our Web Hosting packages, please contact our team at domains@leaseweb.com.

Web Hosting packages are applicable for a 1-year contract term and billing frequency.

Limitations of Web Hosting pack

Please see the following limitations for the Web Hosting packages:

  • Users can do 150.000 MySQL database queries per hour. If the limit is exceeded, the database cannot be accessed until the next hour. This limit is fixed and there is no grace period.
  • All limits are fixed within the chosen package. If you need more resources, you can upgrade your package to the next available package by contacting domains@leaseweb.com.
  • Cron jobs or scheduled tasks are not provided on any of the hosting packages.
  • ColdFusion is not supported.
  • Tomcat is not supported.
  • Mailing lists (module known as mailman) is not supported.

Domain name hosted with Web Hosting pack

Hosting your domain under Web Hosting pack

You can host your website under one domain, and you can link multiple aliases to this website.


Web Hosting packages offer the option of adding domain aliases via Plesk. When you add a domain as an alias, it gets linked to an existing website. This newly added domain then appears as the main website.

Please find more information on the domain name in the article Domain Name Overview.

Using a domain name with LeaseWeb's Web Hosting pack

When ordering a Web Hosting pack with LeaseWeb you can assign the Web Hosting pack to a new domain name (to be registered) or to an existing domain name (already registered).

For an existing domain name, you can either transfer the domain name registration to LeaseWeb or you can choose to maintain the domain name registration at a different registrar.

Creating the Web Hosting pack for a new domain name (to be registered)

When you order online a Web Hosting pack for a new domain name, select "Purchase a domain name" from the dropdown list and click the "Check" button. If the domain is available, it will be listed as such, together with the option to "Buy selected" domain.

Creating the Web Hosting pack for an existing domain name (already registered) that needs to be transferred to LeaseWeb

When you order online a Web Hosting pack for a domain name that needs to be transferred to LeaseWeb, select "Purchase a domain name" from the dropdown list and click the "Check" button. If the domain is already registered, it will be listed as such, together with the option to "Buy selected" domain.

After clicking the button "Buy selected" you will be directed to the next order online page where you can place the authorization code and "Add to cart".

Creating the Web Hosting pack for an existing domain name (already registered) that uses a different registrar than LeaseWeb

You can use your existing domain name for any of our Web Hosting packages. When you order online, select "Enter the external domain name" from the dropdown list, enter your existing domain name, and click the "Add to cart" button.

Using DNS records for your domain hosted under a Web Hosting pack

Domain name DNS records are assigned during the setup of the Web Hosting pack and you can view and edit them from the customer portal (Domains>View/Edit)

To know more about the most used DNS record types, please visit: DNS records types.

Setting email accounts for your domain

Mail packs are no longer offered separately by LeaseWeb. 
We only provide email accounts through our Web Hosting packages. 
For each email account, you will have a 5 GB mailbox space. The number of email accounts depends on the package size:

Web Hosting package size Number of email accounts
S 250
M 250
L 250
XL 250

Email accounts are managed via the customer portal. Our article Configuring Email Settings provides additional details on how you can set the emails.

SSL certificate

SSL certificates (small data files) work by digitally binding a cryptographic key to an organization's details. They allow secure connections from a web server to a browser by activating the padlock and the https protocol (over port 443) when installed on a web server.

To view the details of an SSL Certificate, go to a secure site, click on the padlock and select “View Certificate”. All browsers are slightly different, but the Certificate always contains the same information.

LeaseWeb offers several Comodo SSL certificates:

  • Standard SSL Certificates: a normal SSL certificates secures two domains (example.com and www.example.com). 
  • Multi Domain Certificates: with this certificate you can specify two domain names or more.
  • Wildcard SSL Certificates: A WildCard SSL certificate also enables you to secure an unlimited number of sub-domains, such as web.website.com and web2.website.com with just 1 certificate.

We offer the following certificates:

Standard SSL Certificate Price in € Multi Domain SSL Certificate Price in € Wildcard SSL Certificate Price in €
PositiveSSL DV 12 Comodo EV 210 PostiveSSL OV 84
InstantSSL OV 54 Comodo UCC 75 PremiumSSL DC 270
PremiumSSL OV 78 PositiveSSL MDC 15

Comodo EV 120

Let's Encrypt (Linux webhosting only) FREE

The validation options that we provide for each of the SSL certificates are: Domain validated, Organization validated or Extended validation.

What is the difference between Domain (DV), Organization (OV) and Extended (EV) validation?

DV: Quick verification process, cheaper, a secure feeling for the visitors of the website.
During the verification process WHOIS information is used to verify that the owner of the domain is the actual person requesting the SSL certificate.

OV: Longer verification process, expensive, an increasingly secure feeling for the visitors of the website over DV.
During the verification process a questionnaire is send to the organization with questions like 'what is the address of the organization'. Only if all this information matches the SSL application the certificate will be provided. OV certification is often used when bank transfers or payments are part of the website.

EV: The highest form of verification, leading to a green address bar, and in most browsers the company name is highlighted.
During the verification process company details are requested and strictly checked. Checks with the Chamber of Commerce are common and a phone call is made for verification.

Does your business require a Wildcard SSL certificate?

If the website that has to be secured is using subdomains that require the security of the SSL as well, it is advised to use a Wildcard SSL. Without Wildcard a unique SSL certificate has to be installed on every subdomain.

How can I order SSL certificates with Leaseweb?

Our Customer Care team is happy to assist you with ordering and installing an SSL certificate on our webhosting platform. You can contact us by opening a ticket under Support from the Customer Portal.

Please, inform us which domain it is for and which SSL certificate you would like to purchase. 

How can I add my own SSL certificate to my Leaseweb domain?

FAQs about Web Hosting

What is the delivery time for a Web Hosting order?

Domain names and Web Hosting orders are processed within 1 business day. Please note that this time does not include the order being verified (for new customers) and the payment receipt time (for prepaid customers).

You will receive a notification email once the Web Hosting package is delivered and ready to use.

How can I redirect my domain name to another domain name when I have a Web Hosting pack?

For Web Hosting package, you can create redirects by adding a .htaccess file in the root of your Web Hosting pack.

Web Hosting packages offer the option of adding domain aliases via Plesk. When you add a domain as an alias, it gets linked to an existing website. This newly added domain then appears as the main website.

At LeaseWeb you also have the option to add a HTTP Redirect package.
Through this package you can redirect one domain name to another through a standard or a framed forward redirect.

  • Standard Redirect: Forwards the URL to its new address and changes the URL in the browser.
  • Framed Forward: Cloaks the forward address and shows the domain the user typed in.

For information on how to set the HTTP redirect at no additional cost from the customer portal, please see: Redirecting domains

How can I cancel my Web Hosting pack with LeaseWeb?

If you do not wish to renew a Web Hosting pack with LeaseWeb, you can cancel it from the LeaseWeb Customer Portal (under My Account > All services). If you need assistance with cancelling your Web Hosting pack, please contact us at domains@leaseweb.com.

When cancelling your Web Hosting pack, please make sure to check if other connected services need to be cancelled as well (e.g. domain names, SSL certificates). If so, please make sure to cancel these from the customer portal.

How can I test my web hosting pack without changing the DNS records?

When creating a new hosting package, you can test it before making the actual changes in the DNS records by following the instructions mentioned here: Adding a website to hosts file and testing it

If you have further questions, please contact support@leaseweb.com.

How can I access Plesk/FTP/FTPS credentials?

Once the Web Hosting pack is ready to use, you will receive a delivery email containing the Plesk and FTP login credentials, as well as the IP address of your web server.

SFTP / SSH / SCP access is not possible.

If you need to reset the credentials for your Plesk or FTP user, you can look at the following page to find out how: Web Hosting Overview

How can I create or change SQL databases?

You can create or change SQL databases and their users using the Plesk control panel. From the Plesk interface (under Databases), you can find the server name to use. The Plesk interface also offers access to phpMyAdmin web interface.

Which web applications are supported on the Web Hosting platforms?

The following web applications are known to function without problems on the platform.

  • Joomla
  • Wordpress
  • Magento
  • Drupal


Leaseweb is not managing these products. It's your responsibility to install and maintain the applications to avoid exploits. Please check with the vendor for information on managing these applications. 

How frequently is my data backed up on your Web Hosting platform?

All data on all platforms is backed up daily. However, we recommend that you make backup copies of your data as LeaseWeb is not liable for any data loss.

If you need to restore your data, please contact LeaseWeb support.

When does LeaseWeb perform maintenance on the Web Hosting platform?

To keep the platform safe and available, we perform regular maintenance.

The maintenance window is from 06:00 AM to 12:00 noon CET / CEST, every 2nd Tuesday of the month for Windows, and every 4th Tuesday for Linux.

During this maintenance, we perform updates, sometimes causing short outages due to eventual reboots. Please check our Leaseweb Service Status for any updates on the maintenace windows.

What is my data transfer limit for my Web Hosting package?

Depending on the Web Hosting package size, you have the following traffic limits:

Web Hosting package size Traffic
S 25 GB
M 100 GB
L 500 GB
XL 1000 GB

 If you exceed your limit, you will receive an email with upgrade instructions. You can also check your current bandwidth usage in the Plesk control panel.

Where can I find information about my Web Hosting pack?

You can see what kind of Web Hosting you have in the customer portal. All other information can be found in the Plesk Panel. For more information about what you get within a Web Hosting pack, please visit to our website

What are the errors and workarounds for Joomla installation?

Joomla Installation

When you install Joomla, you may get the following error:

Warning: session_start():open(nfs01.cl2000.ams1.nl.leaseweb.net:11211/
sess_krido4pps0q0o954m7u4q1iml1, O_RDWR) failed

Due to the load balancing nature of our web hosting platform, we use a centralized system for storing PHP sessions using Memcache technology. This renders the Joomla installer incapable of handling the web hosting setup.

Depending on which version of Joomla you are installing, you can use the following workarounds to resolve the issue.

Workaround for Joomla 2.x:

  1. Open the “session.php” file in an editor by using the following path:
  2. On line 100, replace “ini_set('session.save_handler', 'files');” with “//ini_set('session.save_handler', 'files');”.
  3. Save the file.
  4. Reupload the file to your web hosting platform using FTP.
  5. Reload the Joomla installer in your browser.

Workaround for Joomla 3.x:

  1. Open the “none.php” file in an editor using the following path:
  2. On line 31, replace “ini_set('session.save_handler', 'files');” with “//ini_set('session.save_handler', 'files');”.
  3. Save the file.
  4. Reupload the file to your web hosting platform using FTP.
  5. Reload the Joomla installer in your browser.

What to do when I am getting 'Client host rejected' error?

If you receive the following error: #554 5.7.1 Client host rejected: cannot find your hostname

The mail server checks if the domain from the sending mailserver in its 'helo' is the same as the PTR record for its IP address, and if it in turn resolves using an A record. This means that they have to match. If for example a mailserver sends 'mail.domain.tld' in its helo message, the A record and PTR record needs to be set to the following for the IP address of the sending mailserver:

A - mail.domain.tld
PTR - mail.domain.tld

If this has been set and it resolves as it should, the mailserver will not reject the email anymore.


If you receive the following error: #450 4.7.1 Client host rejected: cannot find your reverse hostname

The mail server checks if the IP address from the sending mailserver has a PTR record for its IP address, and if the record resolves back to the IP address.

Make sure that the sending mail server has a valid PTR record and the email will not be rejected anymore.

What to do when my email is delivered to spam folder?

If your email gets delivered into the spam folder at for example gmail you can add an spf record to your domain. 

By adding the SPF record you will lower the spam score of your email and it will not be delivered into the spam folder but as it should into the inbox. To make adding an SPF record easier we have prepared some SPF records which you can copy and paste into a TXT record for your domain within the customer portal:

If you are only sending email trough smtp.leaseweb.com:

v=spf1 +a +mx +a:smtp.leaseweb.com ~all

If you are only sending email trough your website and do not use a specific smtp server:

v=spf1 +a +mx +a:mailgate.leaseweb.net ~all

If you send email trough smtp.leaseweb.com and trough your website:

v=spf1 +a +mx +a:smtp.leaseweb.com +a:mailgate.leaseweb.net ~all

Example how to add the SPF into a TXT record within the customer portal

On the following page you can find how to create/edit DNS records within our customer portal: Creating or editing DNS records

Once you are at the DNS records page within the customer portal you click the 'Add New Entry' button and fill in as follows:

The following data needs to be filled in:

Host: Fill in your domain.tld for example 'leaseweb-sh.nl'.
Type: Select TXT in the dropdown list.
Content: Inside the content field paste the complete spf record as listed above.

If you are also using your own email server to send email or an smtp server from your ISP you will also have to add the IP address or hostname to the SPF record.

You can for example add them as followed:



+ip6: 2001:1af8:4100:2::60

To learn more about SPF records you can take a look at the following page: SPFrecords