VMware vSphere

VMware vSphere is Leaseweb's private cloud, based on VMware vSphere software, hosted in our top-tier data centers. This single-tenant cloud is deployed in a fully dedicated private rack for you, so the rackspace, hypervisors (N+1), and networking switching (HA) is completely, and only, used by your organization. As part of the service, Leaseweb manage and keep up to date the underlying platform, hardware and software components, on 24x7 basis and provides VMware licensing, all as a service under monthly fees. 

Thanks to this sort of deployments, you have the ability to decide the CPU overbooking (if desired) between the physical infrastructure and your virtual machines, adjusting that value to deliver the right performance for your business workloads. Additionally, strong privacy requirements and compliance normative can be easily met under private clouds. 

Additional services, such as Backup as a service, disaster recovery and Microsoft licensing, can be offered under request to complete your data center virtualization solution. We can also offer hybrid scenarios between its multi-tenant VMware vCloud platform and this private cloud solution. Each solution has its own competitive advantages - ask us to get the right solution for your needs.


Resource Pools

Computing resources

We provide the hypervisors in N+1 configuration according to your computing needs: physical Cores and GBytes for RAM. VMware vSphere private cloud has always:

  •  at least 2+1 hypervisors to ensure higher availability compared with other service providers, in case of hardware failure and maintenance tasks.
  • VMware overhead included, so you can consume directly the effective resources to deploy your virtual machines. 

Hypervisors technology are all based on enterprise leading market brands, powered by Intel processors. Specific hardware customer requests can be also analyzed by Leaseweb Team to provide a tailored solution. Under your request, the private cloud can be scaled up and/or down by introducing hardware components and/or new hypervisors into your private rack. 


We can provide high speed SSD and cost-efficient SATA storage for your resource pools. Sold per GB, you decide the size of required storage to be allocated for your resource pools. By default, all the storage platform include a redundant topology to ensure extreme data resiliency.

Backup as a Service

We have Backup as a Service, powered by Veeam Technologies. This solution gives you the option to backup only those virtual machines which require extra protection and continuity. For the virtual machines you chose, you can define your own policy retentions, execute restores, and execute many management tasks. We take care of the platform and keep it updated and patched at software and hardware levels. The backup platform is completely hosted by Leaseweb to increase data security. For specifics and details, please see this article.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Disaster recovery solution for single tenant can be delivered between two dedicated private clouds. Powered by disaster recovery market leader Zerto, Leaseweb manages the software platform on 24x7 and keeps up to the date all software components. You have the freedom to decide what virtual machines require protection/replication in the secondary site, as well as full control on the replication process and recovery orchestration. 

Replication line between Leaseweb data centers is included in the monthly fee, regardless of your replication policy and bandwidth usage.


Leaseweb can provide VMware vSphere resource pools in several locations:

  • Amsterdam-01
  • Amsterdam-02
  • Frankfurt-10
  • London-01
  • Washington-02
  • San Francisco-12

If your desired location is not in this list, please contact us. We are continuously expanding our services in different regions.


Microsoft licensing 

We are able to provide Microsoft licensing according to Service Provider License Agreement. You can ask us to check compliance normative and available options.

VMware licensing

VMware licensing is included from Leaseweb.

Network & IPs

Public Network

Firewall and Load Balancer

Physical appliances can be deployed within your dedicated rack and connected to your private cloud. Please read this article for additional information.

Network options

We offer two network choices for your server—Volume and Premium. The Volume network offers one or more default Tier1 transit providers and selected peering connections, and is engineered to provide a cost-efficient solution to high bandwidth needs. The Premium network offers full redundancy on all routers, and uses multiple quality Tier1 transit providers, as well as private and public peering. For more information on the network types and the network type availability matrix, refer to this article on network types.


For private cloud, it is possible to buy ranges of public IPv4 addresses starting with a /29. These IP addresses are charged per IP address. Please keep in mind that due to the nature of subnets, the effectively usable IP addresses are less than the total number bought. Regular procedures for obtaining these addresses apply. If more than a /28 range is required, it is possible to get them but regular procedure for obtaining those IP addresses apply. Sales can help with this request.  


We offer you the choice between three different forms of bandwidth billing, each suitable for different kinds of bandwidth usage. All three options are available on both our Volume and Premium networks. For more information on our billing options, refer to this article on bandwidth billing.

Internal Network

You can define your own internal networks within your organizations through the vSphere management console. These internal networks, with private addresses, have no presence on the Internet, and allow you to connect your workloads within each resource pool and cross-connect different virtual machines hosted in the different resource pools. This flexibility gives many options to setup and deploy layered-based solutions, e.g.: Backend and Frontend, with your own internal IP addresses. 

Service Level Agreements

We do provide, by default and for all contracts, competitive Service Level Agreements to ensure computing availability and support services.

Upgrades and Downgrades

You can upgrade and downgrade the amount of resources in your vCloud tenant by contacting Support. Depending on the required resources, most upgrade requests can be fulfilled in hours.

VMware vSphere APIs

We provide the ability to consume and manage your resource through the VMware vSphere API. API calls are free of charge.

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