Managing vCloud Administration details

Administration: vCloud Private Cloud



From the Administration tab, you can manage your users, groups, roles, and adjust the settings of your vCloud.

Creating users

By clicking on the New button, you can create a new user. Fill in the form that appears and click Save.

Modifying users

You can modify a user account by right clicking the user account and then click on Properties. Here you can also reset the password of the account.

Disable a user account

You can disable a user account by right clicking the user account and then select Disable Account. The account will be disabled, until it is enabled again.

Configuring a central authentication provider

You can configure a central authentication provider using SAML. Click on the SAML tab in the Administration section. Click on the Edit button to input your SAML provider settings.

Modifying your organization name

You can modify your organization name by clicking on the Edit button on the General settings tab.

Configure email notifications

To be able to send email notification from the vCloud director, you will need to setup your SMTP server in the Email configuration settings, accessible from the Administration section.

Once configured, vCloud Director sends system alert emails when it has important information to report.

Configuring policies

You can configure several different policy settings related to your organization and virtual data center. You can find these policies in the Administration section, by clicking on the Policies tab. Click on the Edit button to edit the default policies.

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