Getting started with vCloud


Accessing your VMware vCloud resource pool

As soon as your resource pool is provisioned and delivered, you will receive a confirmation email from Leaseweb. In this email, you will also receive the URL to access the management portal called vCloud Director to manage your resource pool. The login details can be found in the Customer Portal. 

Overview of VMware vCloud Director (management portal)

After logging into the VMware vCloud Director (management portal), on top of the screen, you will find the main menu icon . Clicking this menu will show you the following tabs:

  • Datacenters
  • Libraries
  • Administration
  • Tasks
  • Events

The main menu is always visible and allows you to quickly navigate between the main sections of the interface.

If you require more information or help to manage a specific section of the VMware vCloud, click the (question) icon. This will directly link you to the manual which is provided by VMware.

Datacenters tab

This is the datacenters tab. Here, you will be able to view and navigate to your virtual data centers. In the top of the page you will find some metrics concerning your vCloud organization, such as Sites, Organizations, Virtual Datacenters, Running vApps, Running VMs and used resources.

Libraries tab

From the Libraries tab, you can manage all your catalogs. A catalog is a container for vApp templates, media files. From here you can also upload an .OVF package as a vApp template or additional media files using the respective tabs. When uploading media files, ensure that the file ends with *.ISO.

Administration tab

From the Administration tab, you can add, modify, and delete users, groups and roles by clicking on their respective tabs in the Administration tree on the left. There are also several settings you can view and change from here, such as organizational settings, Email settings, Guest Personalization, Metadata, Multisite settings and Policies. From here, you can also setup Federations (SAML) for central authentication.

Tasks tab

On the Tasks tab, you can view all tasks that have been initiated within your virtual datacenter, including their properties, such as Status, Type, Initiator and the start/complete times.

Events tab

On the Events tab, you will be able to see all events that occurred within your virtual data centers, these events do not necessarily have to be triggered by a user but could also include things such as logon events, HA protection events and gateway services events.

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