Web Application Firewall

The worldwide web has become a dangerous place over the years, with cyber-attacks becoming increasingly common, and increasingly sophisticated. Large organisations and even the federal government have felt the sting of numerous attacks in recent months. “State-of-the-art” defenses have proved penetrable, forcing many to re-evaluate their supposedly secure environments. It is increasingly clear that web application firewalls need to be improved and updated to match up against potential threats such as web application (Layer 7) attacks.

Cyber attacks cost much more than simply the expense of mitigation or loss of sales revenue from a compromised web property. These Layer 7 attacks can also severely impact customer trust and brand loyalty (with long term implications).


How does a Web Application Firewall differ from a regular Firewall

If you are looking to protect yourself from cyber threats, a fundamental understanding of Web Application Firewalls (WAF) and how they differ from a regular firewall is a requirement.  Regular firewalls are designed to restrict access to specified ports, or to deny services that an administrator does not want unauthorized people to access. Web Application Firewalls are much more intelligent, examining every request and response within the HTTP/HTTPS/SOAP/XML-RPC/Web Service requests to identify attack signatures and abnormal behavior patterns within incoming traffic to a web application. A Web Application Firewall monitors traffic silently, in real time, and applies advanced analysis techniques and filters so that potentially harmful requests never hit your server, keeping your web site and data safe.

Leaseweb Cyber security Web Application Firewall Solution

Leaseweb offers total security for your websites and applications. We ensure malicious traffic never gets through to your web properties.Malicious traffic coming from hackers is stopped at Leaseweb servers, never reaching your security perimeter. Ongoing monitoring and regular security updates protect against new vulnerabilities.

Best-in-class cloud-based Web Application Firewall

With customizable and configurable rule sets, you can adjust your security posture, monitor suspicious traffic and respond to threats with ease.

Dedicated bandwidth and staff to mitigate largest DDoS attacks

With over 30 PoPs around the world and strategically positioned mitigation and scrubbing centers, we keep your web site free from DDoS attacks.

Comprehensive always-on solution

Our Security Operation Center is manned by experienced cyber security experts and registered ethical hackers with over 200 years of collective experience. The best talent in Cybersecurity is at your fingertips 24/7.

The industry’s best security dashboard

Our Control Panel allows you to manage all aspects of your security postures and rules in one all-encompassing user interface. Monitor traffic in real time and take decisive action against threats and vulnerabilities.

Threat intelligence and monitoring

Our advanced bot identification technology differentiates legitimate web application users including human beings and search engines from malicious traffic. While malicious traffic is stopped and diverted, legitimate bot and human traffic continues access to your web applications.

Enhanced performance

Website protection has always been at the cost of your site performance. But no longer, because our cyber security services provide significant performance increases.

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