Data center access for Colocation


Data Center Access for Colocation


In order to request access or create access cards for your colocation products, you need to access the Colocation drop-down of the Customer Portal.

Access Card

Access cards should be created once per person and per colocation service.

You can do this in the Customer Portal by navigating to ColocationAccess Cards. There, you can see a list of existing access cards which can be managed, or create new ones. 

Click Create Access Card to fill in the request form:


Requesting Access to a Data Center

For Private Colocation customers in data center AMS-01.

From September 1st, 2020 in our efforts to constantly improve our security protocols, we ask that if you would like unguided access to your services, you will need to request a special Access Badge. Please note, that for both options, you still have to announce your visit via the Leaseweb Customer Portal as described below.

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  1. Log into the Customer Portal and create a new ticket
  2. Address the ticket
    1. To: Support
    2. Topic: Other
    3. Subject: New Badge Request
  3. In the message, please provide the following information:
    1. Your first and last name
    2. Your email address
    3. Your phone number
  4. We will respond to you with a request number. You will need to refer to this number when you arrive at the AMS-01 data center.
  5. Once on site, your photo will be taken, you will be granted a pin number, and you will receive your new, active badge.

In order to visit a data center, you must place an access request in the Data Center Access page, which you can find in the Colocation drop-down of the Customer Portal:

The Data Center House Rules are applicable to persons entering the data center. Hence, it is recommended to go through the rules before visiting the data center.

Perform the following steps to request access to a data center:

  1. Choose the data center you want to visit from the list. Click on the Request Access link.

  2. The Access request page displays.

  3. Enter the requested information, agree to the data center rules, and click Request Access.

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