Data center access for Colocation


This article describes how you can easily manage access to a data center (by requesting personalized badges to visit the data center), and how to request access to visit the data center. 


In order to request access or create access cards for your colocation products, you need to access the Colocation drop-down menu from the Leaseweb Customer Portal dashboard.

Managing access to a data center

The Access Management page allows you to create users with access-granting rights. These users will have a separate login to the Customer Portal, and they will only be able to request access (for different users) to our data centers on your behalf. 

Personalized badges can ONLY be ordered by Private Colocation customers. This feature is not available for Shared Racks. 

Requesting personalized badges through the Leaseweb Customer Portal is currently only possible by the Master User of the account for AMS-01 only.

  1. You can do this in the Customer Portal by navigating to ColocationAccess Management.
    You can request a personalized badge by clicking on Request personalized badge for myself button, or create a user by clicking on Create User button. You can also see a list of existing access management users which can be managed.

  2. Click Create User to fill in the request form for another user.

  3. Click Request personalized badge for myself to fill in the request form for yourself.

    The field "User can bring visitors" means that the person who is requesting access can bring extra persons to the datacenter.

Once ordered, the personalized badge will be ready for collection after one business day. The person receiving the badge must collect it in person from the data center with a government-issued ID. If the badge is not collected within 30 calendar days, it will expire for security reasons.

Before you visit the data center, you need to request access to the data center.

Also you can request badges for your end-customers. The person requesting the badge will be responsible for them.

Requesting access to a data center

Requesting data center access through the Leaseweb Customer Portal is currently only available for the following locations: AMS-01, LON-01, WDC-02, NYC-01, MTL-01, MTL-03 and PHX-01.

For access to our other data centers, please create a Support ticket from the Leaseweb Customer Portal.

In order to visit a data center, you must place an access request in the Data Center Access page, which you can find in the Colocation drop-down of the Customer Portal:

Perform the following steps to request access to a data center:

  1. Choose the data center you want to visit from the list. Click on the Request Access link.

  2. The Access request page displays.

    When requesting access to a data center, before you click the Request Access button, you can view the link to Leaseweb's Data Center House Rules. Please be aware that individual data center rules are also applicable. 

  3. Enter the requested information, agree to Leaseweb's Data Center House Rules, and click Request Access.

    Please note that a confirmation email will be send with all the necessary information required to access the data center.

Disabling an access badge

Please note that disabling the badge feature for a user will trigger an event to disable the access badge tied to the removed user when the location is AMS-01

Perform the following steps to request for disabling a personalized badge

  1. Press the little pen button on the user list

  2. Please disable the applicable feature you don't want the customer to have.

  3. When done, press the Edit User button

When triggering a disable of the personalized badge this will also trigger automated triggers of disabling the badge so be careful with the use.

Deleting an access user

Please note that deleting a user will trigger an event to disable the access badge tied to the removed user when the location is AMS-01

Perform the following steps to remove a user:

  1. Should the user you want to delete and press the little bin icon

  2. Confirm your action and the user will be deleted and all the necessary actions will be taken in the background. 

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