Announcing shipment for Colocation


When you send a package to the data center, it is mandatory to announce the shipment beforehand so that the shipment is handled properly.

Announcing a new shipment

The Leaseweb Shipment Policy (see below) is applicable to all items shipped to the data center. Hence, it is recommended to go through the rules before registering a shipment.

Perform the following steps to register a new shipment that is due to arrive at a data center:

  1. Create a new ticket.
  2. Select Support.

  3. Select Shipment Request.

  4. Enter the following information and click Send.

    Field NameDescription
    Requested bySelect the name of the person requesting (registering) this shipment.
    Source companyEnter the name of the company requesting (registering) this shipment.
    Delivery dateSelect the date when the shipment will reach the data center.
    Item countEnter the number of items registered to be delivered.
    Shipping agentEnter the name of the shipping agent used for the delivery.
    Weight (kg)Enter (in kg), the weight of the shipped item.
    Size (WxHxL) (cm)Enter (in cm), the size of the shipped item.

    Along with your message, you must enter these 2 details:

    1> The tracking number that you received from the shipping company. This will help us identify the shipment.
    2> The data center where you want to send this shipment to.

Shipment policy & shipment charge

The Leaseweb Shipment Policy is specified in Chapter F. Facility Operations Policy of the Leaseweb Policy document. This document also specifies the shipment charge.

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