Upgrading Acronis Backup from the Leaseweb Portal

With a few clicks on the Leaseweb Customer Portal you can have your Acronis backup instantly upgraded.

  1. On the product menu, select Acronis Backup.
  2. For the backup item you want to upgrade, click Show Details. Click on Upgrade Backup Item.

  3. Select the Upgrade backup size to which you want to upgrade. Prices use the same contract and billing term as the original contract, and the same discount is applied. Click Next.

    Not enough options?

    If you need more storage than the available options, please contact our sales team and specify your needs - we will be very glad to assist you.

  4. Review your Upgrade summary. Check the Terms and Conditions box if you agree to them, and click Order.

  5. You should see a success message for your order, indicating that we are already working to deliver your product upgrade as soon as possible.

    When should I expect my product to be upgraded?

    The Acronis backup delivery is an automated process which should be finished in a few minutes. However, in the unlikely event of anything unexpected happening, our team will take care of your order and deliver your backup product upgrade within one working day.

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