Recovering Acronis backup data

You can set recovery policies from selected files, folders, volumes, or a complete system from cloud.

Recovering data

Perform the following steps to recover an existing backup:

  1. In the Acronis dashboard, click the machine for which you want to recover the data, and click the RECOVER option.

  2. From the list of backup dates, select the date that you want to recover the data from, and click the RECOVER button. Based on what you want to recover, select either Entire machine or Files/folders.

    The software automatically maps the disks from the backup to the disks of the target machine.

  3. An overview will be displayed with additional settings. You can select the recovery machine (physical or virtual), the target machine to which it needs to be recovered, and the disk mapping. Click the START RECOVERY button.

    To modify additional recovery options, click the RECOVERY OPTIONS button when configuring recovery.

  4. A final confirmation window will appear. Click START RECOVERY to restore your backup.


For more information about recovering data, please click here

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