Logging into the Acronis backup portal

You can order Acronis from the Customer Portal. Once ordered, you need to activate the Acronis account and log into it to create and manage your backup.

Purchasing (Ordering) Acronis backup for your servers

You can purchase Acronis backup from the Leaseweb Customer Portal.

You can use this backup on existing Dedicated Servers, VPS, and CloudStack.

 Perform the following steps to order (purchase) Acronis backup from the Leaseweb Customer Portal:

  1. Log into the Leaseweb Customer Portal.

  2. In the customer portal dashboard, click Backup.

  3. The Leaseweb Acronis Backup screen displays.

  4. Select a backup category (depending on which server you want to back up), a backup size, a data center location.
    Agree to the Terms and Conditions and click the Order button. 

  5. Once ordered, you will receive an activation email using which you need to activate your Acronis account

Logging into the Acronis backup portal

You can log into the Acronis backup portal only after you have activated your account.

Perform the following steps to log into the Acronis backup portal:

  1. Log into the Acronis portal using your login username, and click the Continue button.

  2. Enter your password and click the Sign In button.

  3. Click Backup & Disaster Recovery to open the Acronis dashboard.

  4. The Acronis backup dashboard displays.

    Once logged in, you can change the language by clicking the Account icon and selecting Change language.

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