Configuring Acronis backup settings

A protection plan is a set of rules that specify how the given data will be protected. A protection plan can be created immediately, or at a later point, and you can change it at any time.

Creating a protection plan for a device

Perform the following steps to create a backup plan for a device:

  1. In the Acronis dashboard, go to DEVICES and All devices and click the cog on the device that you want to protect. Click the option Protect to open the protection pane.

  2. In the pane that opens, either select an existing plan or choose Create plan to select options. Select/edit the values for your plan and click the Create button.

    The following options can be selected/edited.

    Field NameDescriptionSnapshot
    Name of protection plan

    Click the edit icon that appears when you hoover over the plan name to edit the name of the protection plan (here: New protection plan).

    What to back up

    Select what you want to back up.

    Where to back up

    Select Cloud storage as the destination where you want to back up.


    By default, backups are performed on a daily basis, Monday to Friday. You can select the time to run the backup. If you want to change the backup frequency, move the slider, and then specify the backup schedule.

    How long to keep

    Define the retention rule by selecting the cleanup scheme.


    It is recommended that you encrypt all backups that are stored in the cloud storage. To setup your encryption, you need to Specify a password. Encryption cannot be changed after creating the protection plan.

    There is no way to recover encrypted backups if you lose or forget the password.

  3. The protection plan will be created for this machine.


For more information about configuring backup settings, please click here

Applying protection plan to a device

Perform the following steps to apply an existing protection plan to a device:

  1. In the Acronis dashboard, go to DEVICES and All devices and click ENABLE PROTECTION on the device you want to protect.

  2. The protection plans that are applicable to the machine display. Select the protection plan that you want to apply and click the Apply button. 

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