Out-of-Band-Management Service


Out of Band Management (OoB) provides access to and control of your Leaseweb hosted equipment outside of the primary network. As the name would imply, the principal use of OoB is access and control of IT infrastructure when the primary network is unavailable, such as cases involving unplanned downtime.



Out of Band Management service should be kept separate from the primary network and not be used as 2nd primary network.

Upgrades and Downgrades

The OoB Management service is a standard service with a fixed bandwidth commitment and a fixed number of assigned IP addresses. Requests for an increased traffic commitment or number of IP addresses can be evaluated if a clear justification is provided.

Delivery time

The Out of Band Management service is delivered within 5 business days.

Data centers


DC Reference


The Netherlands





Leaseweb Customer Portal features available

For Out-Of-Band management, the following features and services can be accessed through the Leaseweb Customer Portal:

  • Cancellation
  • IP management
  • Reverse DNS settings
  • Data graphs
  • Traffic usage notification

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