Floating IPs

Floating IP addresses are reroutable IP addresses which can be dynamically routed to the IP address (Anchor IP address) of an underlying hosting service (e.g. a dedicated server, private rack or colocation service), creating flexibility between the externally visible IP addresses and the internal hosting services.

For example, a customer that has server A with IP address and a server B with IP address (e.g. in 2 different racks/halls in the same DC) will be able to order a Floating IP (e.g. and reroute it to one of the servers at a time through an interface in the Customer Portal or an API call.

A Floating IP address has to be configured to all servers that a customer wants to be able to route it to


Use cases

At least 2 hosting services need to be deployed to take advantage of a Floating IP address. Data sync can be achieved through Private Networking.

  • Unplanned downtime

In case that server A becomes unavailable due to unexpected downtime, you can redirect the Floating IP address to point to the IP address of server B. The traffic will flow to server B and within seconds the application is on line.

  • Maintenance / Upgrade (Planned downtime)

In case that maintenance or an upgrade needs to be performed. Before the maintenance window, you can direct the Floating IP address to the IP address of server B. The traffic will flow to server B and maintenance work can be performed to server A without downtime to the application.

When maintenance work is finished in server A, you can direct the Floating IP back to server A and you can proceed with the work in server B.

  • Relocation of servers

In case that the server needs to be relocated to another rack, most of the times a change of the main IP address is also needed. With a Floating IP address, the only change is to route it to a new Anchor IP address

Ordering Floating IP addresses

Floating IP addresses can be ordered:

  •   through our sales department, please contact sales@leaseweb.com
  •   through our customer portal.

The minimum amount of Floating IP addresses is 1 (/32)

The maximum amount of Floating IP addresses is 256 (/24)

Floating IP addresses are available as CIDR blocks.

Using Floating IPs

Please follow the instructions here.

Data center availability

Floating IP addresses can be used to services within the same data center.

Available in below Data centers:

  • Amsterdam (AMS-01)
  • Washington (WDC-01, WDC-02)
  • Frankfurt (FRA-10)
  • New York (NYC-11)
  • Chicago (CHI-11)
  • Miami (MIA-11)
  • Dallas (DAL-10)
  • Phoenix (PHX-11)
  • Los Angeles (LAX-11)
  • San Fransisco (SFO-12)
  • Seattle (SEA-11)
  • Singapore (SIN-1, SIN-11)
  • Hong Kong (HKG-10, HKG-12)
  • Sydney (SYD-10)
  • London (LON-12)

Product availability

Floating IP addresses is available for dedicated servers and colocation. It is not available for Cloud services in this release. We plan to support then in the future.

Management tasks for floating IPs

Frequently Asked Questions for Floating IP addresses

FAQ: How many Floating IP addresses can I order

The maximum amount of Floating IP addresses that can be ordered are 256 (/24).

FAQ: Can I upgrade my current IP addresses to Floating?

Floating IP addresses come from a separate block of IP addresses and therefore it is not possible to upgrade your IP to a Floating IP.

FAQ: Can I use the Floating IPs that I have, to another data center in the same Metro area?

Currently, it is not possible. Currently Floating IPs work within one data center. We are working to provide the ability to use a Floating IP range to data centers within one Metro area. (eg. WDC-01 and WDC-02)

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