Reinstalling your virtual server

The reinstall option allows you to quickly wipe your instance and to install or re-install your VPS with a clean operating system.

During installation, all data on your server will be wiped and cannot be recovered. If you want to save any of the data please backup before installing.

By default, the installations are done using the LeaseWeb installer. This installer is capable of rapidly deploying the operating system of your choice from a template tuned for the best performance of your Virtual Server.

Reinstalling your virtual server

Perform the following steps to reinstall a virtual server:

  1. In the menu bar, under Cloud, select "Virtual Server".
    The Virtual Servers Overview page displays. 
  2. Click the Manage button for the virtual server that you want to reinstall.
    The Server Management page displays.

  3. Under "Actions", click the "Reinstall" link.
    The "Reinstall" pop-up window displays.

  4. Select a template from the "Choose template" drop-down menu. 

    The available templates depend on which OS was ordered origininally and if a control panel is licensed for this instance. 

    Please note that an instance based on a deprecated template can only be reinstalled with one of the current templates. 

    A template is the operating system that you want to install. It is called template because it based on an operational system image prepared by LeaseWeb (containing the minimum amount of necessary configuration for its integration with our virtualization platform).

  5. Click the "Confirm" button.
    You will receive a warning message

  6. Click the "OK" button. 
    Your virtual server will start reinstalling.

FAQs about reinstalling your virtual server

Can I reinstall my Linux VPS with Windows? Or vice-versa?

The OS license can't be changed or cancelled separately from the VPS subscription. Please order a new VPS when you need a completely different OS. 

Can I reinstall my VPS with a custom OS or different settings? 
Your choice of OS is limited to the templates that LeaseWeb offers, which contain settings optimized for the LeaseWeb public cloud platform. 
As you get full root/administrator access you can still add or remove components or adjust and tune most settings after the template has been deployed and your OS is installed. 

Can I reinstall my VPS using my own installation media?
Please check the manual on ISO management for the current status of this feature request.

My OS has crashed hard. How can I still create a backup before I reinstall?
Follow the instructions on the  ISO management page to connect and boot your instance using one of the rescue images. 
Then use the rescue environment to create a backup of your data before reinstalling.