Server Management: Graphs

DescriptionYou can easily view the bandwidth and data traffic consumption of your server, and also download the graph data.



On the graphs page you can view the bandwidth activity and data traffic usage for your server.

By default the current month is shown.

To view a different period, you can:

  1. Use the date picker at the top of the page
    Note: the to: date is not included in the graph itself
  2. Drag over the bandwidth activity graph to zoom in

By clicking on the icon you can:

  • Print the chart
  • Download the chart as a PNG image
  • Download the chart as a JPEG image
  • Download the chart as a PDF document
  • Download the chart as a SVG vector image

The data traffic chart and values are update once per day.

Downloading raw graph data

To download raw graph data, you can perform API calls to the Dedicated Servers API. For more details please refer to the API documentation on

The API calls are: