Overview: Colocation

From the Overview page, you can view all the colocated servers and racks under your account, view and create data center access cards, manage IP address(es), and much more

Overview of Colocated Servers

Perform the following steps to get an overview of all colocated servers within your account:

  1. In the menu bar, under Colocation, select Overview.
    The Colocation page displays.

  2. You can view the following information and perform certain tasks:

    Column NameDescription

    The contract ID of the colocation, which is also used to perform API calls. Clicking it will open the same page as the manage action. The Id is assigned by Leaseweb.

    NameDisplays the name of the colocated package. Note: The name is assigned by Leaseweb.
    ReferenceDisplays the customer reference (name) that you entered to remember the colocated server/rack easily. Note: This reference is also displayed on your invoice.
    LocationThe data center, suite and rack that your colocation is located at.
    Data TrafficAllows you to view the bandwidth and data traffic graph for a colocated server or rack.
    RebootAllows you to perform a hard reboot. Note: This is only available with servers.

    This column holds various actions that can be applied directly to the specified colocated server

    Manage the colocated server or rack, show all available details, the administrative details of the contract, and perform actions like nullroute, and more.
    Powercycle your colocated server. You will get a pop-up to confirm this action. The power will be disabled for your server and restored to generate a cold boot of your server. The action can in total take up to approximately 10 minutes. Note: This is only available with the shared colocation package.