Managing Object Storage GoodSync

GoodSync is an application to synchronize or backup your files with the CDN Object Storage.


Supported OS

OS-X, Windows, Linux (cli only), IOS, Android


Installing GoodSync

Follow the installation instructions for your platform of choice.


Configuring GoodSync to use CDN Object Storage

  1. Open GoodSync and select the type of synchronization you want to do.

  2. Open the options for the source folder.

  3.  Select My Computer.

  4. Select the folder where you would like to backup.
  5. Select the options for the destination folder.

  6. Select Amazon S3.

  7. Fill in the access key and secret key (that you have received from Leaseweb), and enable the option for Secure Mode.

  8. If you haven't created a bucket yet, create a bucket by clicking New Folder.

  9. Give your bucket a unique name.

  10. Select the bucket.

  11. Click Analyze.

  12. Click Synchronize.

  13. Wait for the synchronization to complete successfully.

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