CDN Object Storage


The Flexible, Reliable, and Easy to Integrate Object Storage Platform. Built on our world class network, the CDN Object Storage platform provides unmatched reliability and the flexibility to quickly scale to meet your storage needs. When combined with our global Content Delivery Network (CDN), CDN Object Storage provides the perfect way to store and deliver your content at lightning fast speeds.

CDN Object Storage has been developed in-house and launched in 2017 based on Ceph. It is aimed to provide you with reliable (by high level of redundancy) storage to suit many purposes.

Typically it can be used to backup desktops, laptops & servers but it can also be used as a origin for the Leaseweb CDN.


Overview of CDN Object Storage

CDN Object Storage platform has been designed to respond to various use cases:

  • Origin for our CDN: 

The seamless integration with Leaseweb’s Content Delivery Network, means that large streaming files just got easier to store and faster to serve. 

  • Back up and archive of your files: 

With near limitless scale, a world class network, and fully data redundancy, the CDN Object Storage platform is a secure and reliable place to store all of your important data. 

  • Static Websites hosting: 

If your static website has large media files (movies, videos, photos, etc.), our Object Storage platform provides an affordable and easy to scale solution that can be tailored to fit your needs. 

  • Disaster recovery: 

CDN’s Object Storage platform provides a resilient solution for securing all of your important data and ensuring that it will be both protected and readily available no matter what happens.

CDN Object Storage : a feature-rich S3 compatible platform to fit your needs

  • Reliable

Residing on one of the most reliable networks in the world with 99.9999% uptime, and backed by industry leading SLAs, our Object Storage platform offers more than just great performance, it offers unmatched peace of mind.

  • Flexible

Whether you’re looking to host a website, content, application data, archive, or backup, you can quickly and easily scale both your storage and bandwidth to meet your needs.

  • Secure

We know how valuable your data is. That’s why we use the Ceph platform and automatically create 3 copies of your data, ensuring that no matter what you store its always safe.

  • Fully Compatible

We built our Object Storage platform to be fully compliant with the S3 API to guarantee compatibility with all major products and services.

  • Easy to Integrate

Our Object Storage platform is fully integrated with all of our products. So whether you are using dedicated servers, hybrid cloud, CDN or any of our other offerings, you can be sure that everything will work perfectly together.

Setting up your service with CDN Object Storage

You can order CDN Object Storage very easily online via our web site.

By filling in the required amount of storage required you'll receive directly your credentials after which you can start creating buckets and storing content.

The Object Storage customer portal

The CDN Object Storage is in the process of being integrated with our dashboard to show you metrics and statistics.

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