Description This article provide you guidance about abuse prevention and how to handle abuse notifications.


Filing an abuse notification with a LeaseWeb company

Notifications can be sent through email. Please send your notification to the correct email address.

LeaseWeb companyContact
LeaseWeb Netherlands
LeaseWeb Deutschland
LeaseWeb USA,
LeaseWeb Asia Pacific PTE.
LeaseWeb CDN
LeaseWeb Network

Please see the Abuse Procedures for the requirements for notifications.

Steps to take after receiving an abuse notification

Please resolve the notification within the mentioned time and confirm the resolution to LeaseWeb using the link in the notification email. Failure to do so could lead to a block of the involved IP address(es) and/or server(s). For additional questions, please respond to the ticket.

Reasons for receiving abuse notifications

You are responsible for the use of the services you ordered with LeaseWeb. As LeaseWeb mainly provides unmanaged hosting, the responsibility of solving abuse issues on the server, or the webhosting, lies with the customer.

Contacting the Abuse Prevention team

Please respond to the respective ticket you received. Case Officers on duty will respond to your ticket as soon as possible, but within three business days. If no such ticket exists, or if you have a general inquiry about LeaseWeb's abuse prevention policy, please send an email to with the following subject: [abusedesk contact request]

Steps to take when the content reported in the notification is not found on your server/web hosting

Respond to the original abuse notification and inform the Abuse Prevention department which steps you took to locate the content. If necessary, information will be requested from the reporter of the notification.

Steps to take when IP address(es) or switch port(s) seems to be blocked

IP addresses and/or switch ports are blocked if no response is provided within the given time, or if the issue appeared not be resolved. (for example, when the reported content still online.) Please respond to the original abuse notification for clearance, and explain what action you took to resolve the abuse notification.

Please note that other departments will not be able to unblock IP addresses and/or switch ports that are disabled by the Abuse Prevention team.

Steps to un-null IP address after resolving an abuse ticket

After you have resolved an abuse ticket, navigate to the "Communication" tab and place a request to un-null your IP address. If you do not place the request to un-null your IP address, the IP will continue to be nulled. 

Steps to take when you do not agree with an abuse notification

Please respond to the original ticket by submitting a formal counter notice in the Abuse Prevention tool, and explain in steps why you feel the notification is invalid. It is possible your explanation is forwarded to the reporter of the notification to retrieve their view on the notification.

In case of a DMCA complaint for customers of LeaseWeb USA, Inc., please provide us with a correct and complete counter notification.   See 17 U.S.C. 512(g)(3).

For some types of abuse such as child pornography, the LeaseWeb companies do not allow any counter notices. For these types of abuse, you are required to resolve the notification before engaging the relevant LeaseWeb company in a discussion.  

LeaseWeb policies you must comply with when your business involves sending bulk emails

Entities operating an email (news) list must obtain email addresses in a legitimate way. Lists cannot be bought.

  • Email addresses should be obtained through double opt-in.
    • A person needs to sign himself up.
    • A confirmation link needs to be sent to the provided email address. The person needs to confirm their subscription through the link.
  • All emails sent should contain a working unsubscribe link.

Consequences of not responding to an abuse notification

Not responding to a notification could result in a block of the involved IP address(es) and/or blocking the switch port(s) of the servers

Checks to ensure that reported content is removed

LeaseWeb considers the notified content to be removed if a 404 error or a Not Found error is displayed.

Acceptable Use Policy for the LeaseWeb Network

Please see detailed information about the Acceptable Use Policy for the LeaseWeb Network here:

Steps to receive abuse notifications on a separate email address

Please login to your Customer Portal and update your email address under “Abuse”. All notifications will be sent to the “Abuse” email address. If Abuse-specific email address is not mentioned, notifications are sent to the main “Contact” email address.


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