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Abuse Handler

All communication with the Abuse Prevention department should go through the Abuse Handler tool. However, we understand that this may not always be possible. Therefor, we provide other ways for you to get in contact with the Abuse Prevention team.

Received an abuse notification?

If you have received a notification, it is essential that you act upon the notification as quickly as possible, at least within the given deadline. However, it is always possible that you have questions, or maybe disagree with the received notification.
In these cases, please use the "Communication" tab, that is visible in your interface. Once you have filed your communication through this tab, the status of your ticket will change, making it visible to the Abuse Prevention team. We will contact you shortly.


Other ways of contact Abuse Prevention team


Not all customers will have a ticket to communicate, therefore, it is possible to communicate through other ways with the Abuse Prevention team.
If you have questions or have other feedback on handling abuse, the abuse handler tool and so forth, you can contact us by sending an email to
We strive to answer all incoming emails as fast as possible. (Within 48 hours)

The provided email address is not for submitting notifications. To submit notifications, please visit our website at and see the correct email address of the entity you want to submit your notification to.
Submitting your notification to the correct entity, through the correct email address, is the fastest way to have your notification processed, as notifications are processed 24/7 by our Abuse Handler tool.

You can also use the webform on our website.

Other departments

Please understand that other departments are not able to solve abuse related issues, such as a blocked IP addresses, or when an IP address ends up on a blacklist (click here to read more on how to get off a blacklist!).
The fastest way to contact us directly, is by replying to the ticket using the communication tab, but in case of other related issues, don't hesitate to contact us through the provided email address!



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