Virtual Server Management: Data Traffic Notifications

Notification settings for data traffic allow you configure specific actions that should occur when a predefined threshold in data traffic is reached.

Data traffic notifications are a way to prevent (or limit) surcharges caused by exceeded use of data traffic. You pay for each GB of data transfer to and from your server that exceeds the fixed bandwidth amount which is included in the monthly server charge. Bandwidth that is used above the substantial amounts of traffic included as part of your server charge is billed at the end of the month, on a per GB basis.

Setting data traffic notification for a Virtual Server

Perform the following steps to set data traffic notification for your Virtual Server:

Please be aware that the check for data traffic consumption is conducted once every three hours. Therefore, the action you choose below may not immediately be taken once you have exceeded your threshold limit.

  1. In the menu bar, under Cloud, select "Virtual Server".
    The Virtual Servers Overview page displays. 

  2. Click the Manage button for the virtual server for which you want to set data traffic notification.
    The Server Management page displays.

  3. Click on the "Data traffic notifications" tab.
    The "Notification settings for Data traffic" screen displays.

  4. Enter the following information and click "Update".

    Field NameDescription
    Send to emailsThe data traffic notifications will automatically be sent to your technical contact(s). If that information is not available, it will be sent to your primary contact.
    LimitEdit the data traffic limit. If the limit is exceeded, you will get a notification. The minimum value is 3 TB.
    FrequencyChoose how often you want to receive the notifications.
    Power Off Instance (when threshold limit is crossed)Switching this "On" will power off your virtual machine whenever the threshold limit for data traffic is crossed. You will not incur (further) surcharges.